• May 30, 2017



My go to hostel search engine. I love this site because of all the filters you can apply to your search. You can search by price, type of room, ratings, payment method, and different amenities. I usually do a search rating at 9 or higher, wifi, breakfast included and accepts credit cards. The possibilities are endless depending what you're looking for.

I fell in love with Agoda when I was in Asia. Probably the best hotel search site for that area. Similar to Hostelworld for hotels, I love the different options that you can filter your search results with. Type of accommodation, price, rating and even what neighborhood the location is at. The prices are really great and they have tons of daily deals. They even have an awesome user-friendly mobile app.

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I officially live in an Airbnb full time. It's the easiest way to live like a local. There are options of renting rooms to an entire house. Great for short and long stays, the places are furnished, and it's a great alternative to hotel life. Click here to get $40 off your first booking.

I know that there is a big stigma about Couchsurfing these days, but I love this option for accommodations. I use this a lot when I'm traveling for just a couple of days. It's a great way to meet and stay with locals in a city. Especially when traveling alone this is a great option to meet people, get to know their culture and exchange travel stories with other travelers.

I love Expedia! It's awesome for hotels and bundles. I love all the different daily deals that they have and I love that they have a “things to do” tab. This is awesome when planning a trip to be able to do everything all from one website.
I really like using because of their rewards program. They have a program that if you collect 10 nights you get the 11th for free. These can add up really quickly if you're traveling for work or take several holidays throughout the year.

Priceline and
I really like these two websites for a quick 3 Star hotel booking. If I'm looking to stay at a plain hotel at a good price I resort to one of these two sites. Booking is great because it has hostel options too, and Priceline has great daily deals.

Tip: I usually start my hotel search with Expedia and do a price comparison between Expedia,, Priceline, and Don't spend hours searching for a hotel room, do a quick search, price comparison and book to save a little bit of money.

Book Flights

I love this booking site. I really love that you can mix budget airlines with normal airlines to get the best prices possible. If you miss a connection they have a guarantee that they ‘ll book you a free flight on the next flight out (and if it's the next day put you in a hotel). They also have an anywhere and “zone” function to find crazy deals.

Again similar to the hotel options, I really like the options that are on Expedia for flights as well. They offer a 24hour cancellation at no cost/questions asked. Which is great when you're traveling to countries where they require proof of stay/exit of country but you don't have anything set in stone yet.

Great for domestic flights within the US. It has many of the budget airlines on there and offers great deals.

Package Deals

My favorite option for booking a package/bundle deal. They have amazing deals all the time with flight and hotel, flight and car rentals, and other options. Great bang for your buck when you want to get everything done in one location.

Apple Vacations
I LOVE this option for when I'm actually vacationing. I haven't “vacationed” in a long time but have used their services many times. They provide all inclusive deals to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico and more.

I like Priceline for their deals. Sign up for their newsletter and you'll get instant access to many packaged deals.

Getting Around

I'm a little-spoiled being from Chicago and Uber being my source of transportation. Then the more I traveled I saw how big this company is throughout the entire world. I haven't owned a car in over a year now and this is a great way to get around. One of my favorites was Uber Scooter in Vietnam. Click here to get your first ride free.

Rail Europe
I use this for trains within Europe. It's an amazing site that combines maps, schedules, and fares to different train companies across Europe. I love that you can buy an open ended train ticket to how ever many countries you plan on going and book as you go.

Airport Parking Reservation
This is the cheapest airport parking I know of. When I traveled for work I had to park my car at the airport a couple of times, this website saved me so much money booking ahead of time vs at the airport.

Avis Rent A Car
One of the best car rental companies I've used. Really good prices and they're located in all major cities.

Other Favorites

Trip Advisor
My favorite site for everything relating to reviews. From tours to restaurants, all the reviews in one place.
TIP: You can find great deals on TripAdvisor has hotels and packages as well sometimes, but I usually stick to the ones listed above first..

Lonely Planet
My number one source for anything travel related. Anything from ideas, to best places to go, lonely planet has you covered. I usually download the PDF of the city/country I'll be in and read it on my flight to get ideas of what to do.

Everyone loves a little adrenaline in their life once in a while. This company is only in the US but is a great source for your adrenaline rush. Book a skydiving jump over Vegas or a helicopter tour over Maui, whatever your choice of adrenaline is this company has you covered.

Amazing company for group travel. Whether you're traveling solo or with friends they offer great tours for 18-35yr old. A great way to not have to worry about making plans on your own and you meet new friends along the way.

World Nomads
Never never never travel without travel insurance. You never know what can happen when you're abroad. This company has options for medical, lost items, injury and more. Click here to get travel insurance quote.

You can use this site to find out what visa you need for anywhere in the world. iVisa charges an admin fee, but does all the work for you and allows you to submit it way ahead of time, which the government one doesn't allow. It's your buffer so you don't deal directly with the government site and they assure your documents are all sorted.

1 Cover (The Secret Traveler)
Great tips and tricks from other travelers: from packing essentials to secret spots and everything in between. Great reads and easy navigation to make your next trip a memorable one.

Make Money while you Travel

I just started working with this company and I love it! I've lived in a couple countries teaching English to kids and this is a great alternative for when I”m traveling. Everything is done online through their portal and all you need is a quiet area and good wifi connection. I love how super flexible they are with their hours, and the pay is more than decent.

Fiverr is great for getting different jobs. I've used them to make money in writing, design work and more. Don't be put off thinking you'll only make 5$ off a certain project. I've gotten small gigs that turned into hundred dollar gigs before.

Direct Mail Pro
Become an affiliate with the perfect work from home business in a box. The box includes high enf products & trainings in order to start your own business. Perfect for a stay at home mom or world traveler.

Blue Host
If you're planning on starting a business you're going to need a website, Blue Host is an awesome hosting service at an affordable price (under $4 a month). All of my websites are hosted with Blue Host.

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