When things donít go as planned while traveling you typically make a plan B, sometimes that plan can go totally wrong or it can end up unexpectedly amazing. But usually, you have no expectations from that last minute plan B. This is what happened to me with my Lubeck trip.

I originally had planned to visit Hamburg Germany, but a series of unfortunate events after the G20 summit happened in the city that made me want to stay completely away from the city. A few days before my arrival date my Airbnb host canceled my trip and told me not to come. Riots broke out throughout Hamburg and I was advised to stay away. So I needed to make a plan B.



I was stuck between going to Kiel or Lubeck, both of which are in close proximity to Hamburg. After some google photo searching, I decided on Lubeck. I knew nothing about the city but now I needed to find last minute accommodations, things to do and places to see.

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I stumbled across this amazing mom and pop company called Phoenicia. Anni and Dany base their company on the idea of living life like a local. Offering you a place to stay, showing you around the city, and even offering you the best dining experience you can imagine. This is my experience with them in their beautiful city of Lubeckphoenicia-entrance

Their home

Anni and Dany are quite crafty people, and it shows just by their home. From the second you walk into this beautiful apartment you feel warm, welcomed, and like youíre in your very own home.

They handmade many of the decors throughout their house and it is all well crafted and beautifully designed. The couple collects items from antique shops and fairs and makes them up with a touch of their own taste. Everything was extremely eclectic and tasteful at the same time. I joked with them that when I settle down Iíll have them decorate my house one day. Seriously, look how beautiful this space is.

kitchen-in-lubeck living-room-in-lubeck

Cooking with Phoenicia

Anni and Dany are an absolutely beautiful couple. She is German and he is Lebanese, they are warm, welcoming, and an absolute blast to be around. You can spend hours just chatting with them about absolutely anything. But what better way to get to know someone, their culture, and be welcomed to their home than enjoy a home made meal. Both of them are amazing cooks but Dany took the reins of the impromptu in-home cooking class.

chopping-onions-in-lubeck cooking-in-lubeck

Iíve always been a fan of Lebanese food but never imagined taking a Lebanese cooking class in Germany, in someoneís home nevertheless. From chopping to dining, to enjoying the delicious food the entire dining experience was amazing. Dany was very patient with me as I cried my way through chopping the onions, but it's safe to say I can make my own Tabbouleh now. The Tabbouleh was paired with fresh hummus, veggies, and other assorted Lebanese sides that made the combination to die for. The perfect one-of-a-kind introduction to Lebanese food in Germany, who would have thought? Check out this delicious recipe on their blog here.

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Seeing the city

Because Phoenicia focuses on seeing the city like a local, Dani and Anni were kind enough to show me their beautiful city. The weather wasnít cooperating with us the time I was there, but they had no problem finding fun things for us to do where we could keep dry.


Entrance to the city

One of the unique things about Lubeck is their city entrance. The city is placed on a small island with an extravagant entrance on both sides. On of West side of the island is the Holsten Gate, which is also a museum now. The gate itself is quite beautiful and is situated between greenery. Itís a nice way to enter the city.


Live music

Lubeck is one of those cities that focuses on performing arts and culture. They have many different live events throughout the summer that make the city alive. Unfortunately, I was there during a weekday so I didnít get to experience them. Anni and Dany still managed to find a beautiful intimate venue that played live music. We saw a lovely band named Hannah and Falco with extremely beautiful voices. It was a perfect way to relax with a glass of wine and my new friends.


Alternative Movie Theater

I love the concept of an alternative movie theater. We have a couple similar concepts back in Chicago but theyíre not that popular. The theater plays two B-rated movies a night (in their original language and subtitles). The schedule of the films is posted online and you can see what the movie will be about as well. The actual venue is small and intimate, roughly 60 seats all together. It was a great way to spend an evening away from the rain and the hecticness of playing tourist.


My trip to Lubeck wouldnít have been as special as it was if I havenít had met Anni and Dany. I am very grateful for them and what they are doing. I hope you can make it out to Lubeck sometime and share a similar experience as I did.

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Anni and Dany are also on Couchsurfing, Trip Advisor, Airbnb, and can be followed on Facebook, Instagram. Follow them along for some amazing photos, Lubeck tips, and German/Lebanese recipes.


Anni and Dany Phoenicia: live like a local and be out guest.

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