I once heard about this beautiful city on the eastern side of France that can transport you into a fairy tale the second you step foot inside of it. I've always been a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast so having the opportunity to actually be transported into Belle's world had my name written all over it. The beautiful city of Strasbourg is where I was a princess for a day (though I didn't find my prince charming haha). Strasbourg is an incredibly beautiful city that falls somewhere in between the German and French culture/architecture, has tons of different things to do, delicious Alsatian cuisines, and the best photo opportunities ever. So let's take a look at just how charming this city really is and the things to do in Strasbourg.


Learn about the city and it's things to do with a FREE Walking Tour of Strasbourg

I've talked about this many times before, I love starting out my trip with a free walking tour,especially when I'm somewhere for a short period of time and want to learn a lot about the city in a really short period of time. Happy Strasbourg was such a wonderful tour company. Just like any other free walking tour this tour is based on your liking of the tour. Founded by young local entrepreneurs that really love talking about their city it was a great a way to learn some history and plan out the rest of my trip.

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Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-87Beautiful Klber Square where we learn about the different times that shaped this city. Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-89
Wonderful Place de la Rpublique that has shaped the culture of the city from what it was years ago to what it is now. Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-88

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Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-90It was so amazing to hear stories from a city that went through so much war end up in a peaceful place.


Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-92Place Saint Etienne, where we learned about the architecture of the city as well as the story behind the sculpture.

Visit the MASSIVE Strasbourg Cathedral

Each place in France has it's own Notre Dame Cathedral, and Strasbourg is no exceptions. If you ever make it into Strasbourg there is no way you will miss the cathedral. Located in the center of the city, standing 142m tall, it is the second largest cathedral in all of France. This massive cathedral is also one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in all of Europe. It's so large I had a hard time getting the entire thing in just one frame, there is no way you will miss it, just look up.

Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-14 Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-16

Find the perfect French-German hotel in Strasbourg here.


Try local Alsatian cuisine

We all know how much I love trying local food while I travel. Strasbourg was my first experience of Alsatian cuisine, because of where Strasbourg sits geographically Alsatian is a mixture of French and German food. A lot of the dishes are cooked with cheese, beer, sauerkrauts and various fish or meats.

Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-20 Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-19

I was only in Strasbourg for one night and decided to dine at Au Dauphine. It was a beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous outdoor patio, a nice wine selection, and an even more delicious sounding menu. I had their local fish with sauerkraut and a wonderful local wine. I have to admit the food was extremely delicious. I have never tried mixing a flaked buttery fish with sauerkraut before but the chef definitely knew what he was doing. Because the restaurant was slow on this particular day the chef also came out and greeted me asking how the food was. I absolutely love when restaurants/chefs do this, it leaves me with a happy thought and like they really care about their patrons.


Get lost in the beauty of Grande le and Le Petite France

And last but not least, my absolute favorite thing to do in Strasbourg, getting lost in the beautiful streets of Grande le and Le Petite France.Grande le was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1988. It is considered a record for the honor was applied to the entire city center of Strasbourg.This is where you get transformed into a fairy tale, so beautiful you never want to leave. Walk around this beautiful areas, take a ton of beautiful photos, and pretend you're a princess for a day. Everything from the architecture, the reflections of the water, to the friendly people will make you feel warm inside.

Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-82 Things-to-do-in-Strasbourg-93

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