7 types of guys you meet while dating as a digital nomad


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that dating sucks no matter where you are. But being a digital nomad where you move every 3-6 months can be even harder on the dating life. I've been single for over 2 years, nomadic for almost a year, and my dating life is practically nonexistent. You're constantly moving, people don't understand your lifestyle, you or they don't want to get too attached to the thought that you might be somewhere else tomorrow. But how am I going to find my Mr. Right if I don't put myself out there? So I do, and I did, and here are the 7 guys I've met while dating as a digital nomad.


The I traveled everywhere and know everything guy

I want to date someone that is well traveled. We would have common interests, most likely have visited the same places, chat about what we liked, what we didn't, and hopefully, have a good laugh or two over some wine. But not with the I traveled everywhere guy. This guy has literally been everywhere, done everything, and anything you would suggest or recommend would never be good enough. He tries to one-up your every move and will try to convince you that the way you're traveling is wrong.

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The I'm on vacation, let's get drunk and have sex guy

HAHAHAHHA this is the guy you meet out at a bar or on tinder that is only here for the weekend. He's here with the boys for a bachelor party or guy's weekend. He just wants to get drunk and have a good time; after all, he is on holiday.

The I just don't understand your lifestyle guy

This is typical when dating in the non-nomad community. People just don't understand how
1. I left my home country and everything there, and
2. How I can be on the move every 3-6 months.
They aren't open to the idea of relocating anywhere for you (even though you're open to the idea of staying at a place longer if the right person comes along). This guy also lives 45 minutes away from you and expects you to visit every time. He is just stuck in his own ways and there is no getting out.

The I'm on a budget guy

I get it! When I travel for a long period of time I have a budget too, and you should. But don't ask me out on a date if you can't afford to buy me a glass of wine. Not to say that I can't pay for my own wine, but if it's the first date and I expect the man to pay, guess I'm kind of old-fashioned like that.

The big baller guy

This guy is the most interesting man in the world, in the last 48 hours he's been to four different countries, helped dress 2 celebrities, used to be an explosive expert for the US government and is carrying more cash than you'll ever have in your bank account at once. He's a smooth talker and you have to be careful of guys like this. I would think most of these were lies, but he has picture proof.

The clingy guy

I don't like being the person that ghosts people, but if you get too annoying and too clingy you're getting blocked and deleted. This guy takes you on one, two, three dates, and after date 3 falls in love. You have good chemistry, and he thinks you're so amazing for being so well-traveled, but something is missing and you know it. Well, he also won't stop calling, texting, messaging, or any form of communication he could find, to try to get a hold of you. Like dude, I would have given you a 4th date but let me breathe, I have a life I can't be texting you all day.

The asshole guy

I mean there's assholes everywhere in the dating world, doesn't matter if you're 100 meters or 1000 miles away from home, there will always be assholes out there. The guys that are just looking to hookup, the ones that won't call back, and the ones that are plain RUDE.

The guy that won't be there tomorrow.

And finally, the guy that won't be there tomorrow. No matter how many guys I meet and how many dates I go on unless he lives my lifestyle or is open to potentially starting this lifestyle he'll always be the guy that won't be there tomorrow. Because dating sucks no matter where you are in the world. And I'm just looking for my Mr. Digital Nomad.

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Xoxo Ania Travels?

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