London is a magical place. I absolutely fell in love with this city and I was only there for 72 hours. Even with the crappy weather, there is something about this city that made me fall in LOVE. As many of my readers already know Iím a huge experienced person and with so many free things to do in London, I thought it was time to share some paid experiences. I love scoping out the best tours, pubs, and places to eat. It was no exception when coming to London, here is my list of things to do in London.


Visit the Tower of London

So, of course, you have to do a couple touristy things when in London. This is one of them. The Tower of London is absolutely gorgeous. Go early in the morning as it getís super packed and the queues get really long. Youíll want to do the free tour thatís included in your ticket right at the entrance; it provides some good history with a satirical twist. Make sure to visit the Crown Jewels and the White Tower as well. You wonít regret those.

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For the Harry Potter fans

Harry Potter Studios!!! Another super touristy thing to do, I promise thereís only one more. But come on, what kind of Harry Potter fan would I be if I didnít at least mention Harry Potter Studios. This is an awe-inspiring, mind-boggling, interesting/fun day. It is the real film studio, they show you the techniques used to bring the books to life and the craftsmanship truly is remarkable. Once you are inside you can spend as long as you want there. Donít be worried about the price of the tickets; this is an amazing experience even if youíre not an HP fan yourself. A must see for everyone. Click here to book your Harry Potter tickets.

Tip: Purchase your tickets EARLY! They can be sold out at the box office for a couple of months beforehand.


See a show

Who doesnít love a good show, especially when itís in theater capital of the world? With so many different show options in London, there is bound to be a show for everyone. Get your fancy on and head to the theater. I saw the Phantom of the Opera while I was there, and loved every second of it. Book tickets to a London production here.

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See the beautiful Sushi Samba or Duck and Waffle

In college, my best friend worked at Sushi Samba Chicago, this location got shut down a few years back and I missed everything about it since. Feeling a bit nostalgic I had to go visit this location when I found out they had one in London. And boy was I not disappointed. The location itself is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They have an amazing bar/patio outside for the warmer nights and itís a beautiful place to sit down and enjoy a few cocktails. Above Sushi Samba (same building, walk up the stairs) there is Duck and Waffle. Come early, pick a fun cocktail and snag a seat by the window to enjoy the beautiful views of London from up top.


Enjoy the views from Radio bar

This is THE PERFECT place to go to when the weather is nice. It feels a bit exclusive when youíre there, but I do love myself those places. Everything from the views, the open roof, to the actual delicious cocktails was perfect about this place. Definitely, try the Radio Garden and the Watermelon Martini. Itís the perfect place to day drink on the weekend and catch up with friends.

well crafted cocktail

Have some wine at Gordons Wine Bar

Cheesy, winey, basically my heaven!!!! A friend of mine recommended this place and boy was I not disappointed. They have an amazing selection of wine and cheese, but the ambiance of this place is what makes it worth checking out. This wonderfully old, perfectly preserved, old world bar thatís within a cave is just magnificent. Please go before 5 pm as it gets PACKED!!!

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Enjoy the pub life

Being in a country where beer runs through their veins, you really have to go and explore the pub life yourself There are streets and streets of pubs in London. Each neighborhood having its own personality. It was so much fun walking around the different areas and getting to experience the British pub life myself.

There are so many wonderful things to do and see in London, there is no doubt in my mind that you wonít love this city as much as I do. If youíve been to London before, what are some of your favorite things to do so I can add them to my list next time I visit?

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