Everything that you've heard about Switzerland is true. It's one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to, even though I was only there for 48 hours. The beautiful mountains, ease of transportation, chocolates, cheese, what more can you ask for? But with such a limited time in the country it was hard to pick what to do. After doing some research on “things to do” I found a tour that would let me sightsee Zurich and the Surroundings in less than 10 hours. PERFECT!

I initially liked the idea of this tour because it provided transportation via a coach bus, a ferry ride, and a cable car that overlooked the city. Easy, relaxed, and at a slow pace, this seemed like a great way to explore Zurich.


A great introduction to things to do in Zurich

The tour took off from Zürich central station and was said to last approximately 5 hours. We rode around in a coach bus that was very comfortable as our tour guide gave us an introduction to the tour and Zurich. About 30ish minutes into the tour we had our first stop, the lovely Lake Zurich.


The lake was extremely beautiful and I was able to take a ton of gorgeous photos. I loved how the boats looked and that you're able to see the mountains everywhere. It really is a picturesque city.

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History of Zurich

After a quick stop to take photos we continued back onto the bus where we got a pretty in depth history lesson of Zurich. Our tour guide was a wealth of information and provided great facts about Zurich and Switzerland. Unfortunately the tour was both in Spanish and English, so it took slightly longer, but on the upside I got to practice my Spanish listening skills.



Our second stop is the charming old town where you had an option to go on a walking tour with our tour guide or explore on your own. I did the walking tour as I like to learn about the city, I can explore on my own any time.


We went to see the church clock of St. Peter which is the largest tower clock face in all of Europe, the outer diameter of each of the four church clocks measures 8.64 metres (28.3 ft), it's even bigger than Big Ben, just on a smaller tower.


Zurich as a whole is a protestant country, they also believe in living a minimalistic lifestyle. So when you go visit the churches in Zurich you won't find any decorations, crosses, or anything that resembles religion.


Zurich honors Winston Churchill as the 20th century’s greatest statesman, and have displayed a memorial in his honor of where he gave his famous historic speech – and what Europe has become in the past 70 years.

“Let Europe arise!” – Churchill 1946


Our final point on this stop we learned about when Zurich was discovered by the Romans way back when in 15 BC. We were able to stroll and see some of the olden preserved rocks from the Roman Baths (Thermengasse).



Beautiful ferry ride across Lake Zurich

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I really enjoyed the fairy ride. It was a beautiful day out, so that automatically put me in a good mood, and the views were incredible. The cross took roughly 30ish minutes and it was incredibly peaceful. It was nice to get off the bus, stretch your legs, and see the lake.

Zurich22 Zurich21 Zurich20


Saving the best for last

After we crossed the lake we went back on the bus and toward the Gold Coast where we boarded the aerial cable car to Felsenegg. This was definitly my favorite part of the tour. I'm a huge views person and these views were INCREDIBLE! Pictures don't even do it justice.
Zurich30 Zurich29Zurich27 Zurich26

Beware: The cable cars get packed, at about 25 people per car it gets tight in there. I get claustrophobic but was able to get a spot right by the window so it helped a lot. Thankfully it's not a long ride.


Once we reached the top we had about 40 minutes to walk around and explore. There is a beautiful viewpoint and restaurant where you can enjoy a coffee or a snack, and absorb the beauty of Zurich, the lake, and mountains if it's a clear day out.

Zurich31Zurich Selfie


I thought this was a pretty good tour that brought us to a lot of places and showed up things to do. It was a great introduction to Zurich in a short period of time. I do wish that we had a few more stops in the city while on the bus because a few things that were pointed out I completely missed from a moving coach bus. Our guide was super thorough though, and I did learn a lot about Zurich. I also really liked that it included different transportation methods and stops at for great photo opportunities.

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Switzerland is beautiful, but it's hard to see everything. Here's a tour that lets you sightsee Zurich and the Surroundings in less than 10 hours. Europe | Things to do in Zurich | Best of Switzerland Tours | Zurich and Surrounding City Tour  Switzerland is beautiful, but it's hard to see everything. Here's a tour that lets you sightsee Zurich and the Surroundings in less than 10 hours. Europe | Things to do in Zurich | Best of Switzerland Tours | Zurich and Surrounding City Tour

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