As you probably know or have heard Stockholm is not a cheap city, but there are ways of doing Stockholm in an inexpensive way. There are a ton of great option on where to stay and cheap that don't cost an arm and a leg. The Generator Hostel is the best option for any traveler. At about $75 for a private and $18 for a dorm, its perfect for any budget.

I’ve had the pleasure of staying with Generator Hostels before Stockholm and I must say that each hostel is better than the previous one. I love that they are treated more like a hotel at a hostel price. You have the option of a dorm to save some money or a private if you need some space. They really care about their guests and it was a pleasure to stay there.


Generator Common Area


Location: 10/10

The Generator Hostel Stockholm is in the PERFECT location. Located about 5 minutes walking from the central station it is easily accessible to any point in the city. The hostel is extremely easy to find and provide easy to follow directions on how to get there from the central station. The location is quiet at night and felt extremely safe to walk around. I had a 5 am early bus to the airport when the sun wasn’t even up and felt extremely safe walking around the neighborhood to the train station.

Generator Lobby

Service: 10/10

This hostel really is treated more like a hotel than a hostel. The service was incredible. From the moment I checked in, I felt welcomed. The front desk was extremely helpful with the check-in process, offered maps, and answered any and all questions I had. There is also a laundry, bike rental, and storage service that they offer. I didn’t use any of these but it was nice that they offered them just in case I needed them.

Generator Hostel Bar

Rooms: 8/10

The private room I was in was better than most private rooms in hostels. Definitely more like a hotel feel. The room was very spacious and came with its own bathroom, beautiful big windows with a ton of natural light, and your own desk. There was housekeeping the fixed your room every day or you can put up the do not disturb sign. The actual bed wasn’t the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in, but for a few nights, it was ok.

Beautiful Room

Common area: 8/10

The common area in this hostel was beautiful, I felt like I was sitting at a nice Swedish café having some afternoon Swedish fika rather than at a hostel. There are a few common areas throughout the hostel and each has a bit of a different vibe. You can relax, play games, or enjoy a glass of wine, depending on which common area you’re in. I will say that the common areas were a bit quieter than regular hostels and other generator hostels I’ve stayed in. Many people kept to themselves (similar to a hotel feel) rather than made friends and mingled.

Generot Hostel Common Area

Food and Beverages: 9/10

There are many different food options at the Generator. They have a breakfast menu and a lunch/dinner menu. Prices were reasonable for Sweden and the food was delicious. They do offer discounts on breakfast if you come in early or purchase tickets the previous day. From the ba, they had a great selection of beers, alcohol, and wine, also offering an assortment of snacks and sweets throughout the day.

Generator Hostel Food

Overview: 9/10

The Generator Hostel is the perfect option for any traveler if you're looking for where to stay in Stockholm. It’s great for budget travelers, single travelers, even families. My overall experience was great and I would definitely stay with Generator again. Thanks Generator for the wonderful hospitality and stay.

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Xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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  • Nayna Kanabar

    Hostels have certainly come a long way since I went travelling. This one looks fablous and so well kitted out.

  • Sharon Koenig

    What a gorgeous place that is! It seems so cozy and inviting. Stockholm is definitely on my bucket list, so I’ll be sure to keep this place in mind. Thanks for such a thorough review! I enjoyed the pictures!

  • Thanks for this article. The Generator Hostel in Stockholm was the first hostel we ever stayed in. We liked it very much. If you like, please feel free to have a look at our experience

  • We have recently been looking at various places we would like to travel to and prices, we did actually look at this hotel when we looked at Stockholm. Thank you for this it really has helped x

  • Stephanie Sherlock

    You’re right, that does look and feel more like a hotel then what hostels of yesterday use to be. Thank you for changing my mindset on what a hostel is today. This place is gorgeous.

  • Hi Ania,

    Looks like solid grades across the board.

    I love how much more glam hostels look these days. Big change up from how they all used to be.

    Thanks for the share.


  • What a nice place! This is really good to know as I live a couple of hours away from Stockholm and it’s good to have some nice places in mind for guests or even for ourselves when we go there. I have recently stayed in a hostel I was not too happy about. It was fine, but this seems on a totally different level. Will keep it in mind next time!

  • Anisa Alhilali

    That looks really nice especially for a hostel. And so nice that its located in a good location. I don’t usually stay at hostels but I would totally stay at this one.

  • Anuradha Goyal

    I have never stayed in hostels, but this one looks more like a hotel as you say. I would not mind trying them as and when I get to visit Stockholm.

  • What a detailed review of the hostel! Sounds like it was a really good place to stay, and great that the food was reasonably priced for Sweden too! x

  • That price is more than good for Stockholm. I am saving this because I would like to visit the city soon. I have been having my reservation because I was shocked by the prices in Iceland. I am assuming things are as expensive in Sweden. But, maybe it is easier to get better deals there. #feetdotravel

  • I stayed here in March and loved every minute of it and now often search for their hostels in other cities.

  • Pack Your Baguios

    I’m well past the age of doing the dorm thing, but the private room with its own bathroom looked very nice. From your pictures I would have guessed it was a regular hotel room. Great price, too!

  • bye: myself

    This is very helpful since Scandinavian capitals are sooo expensive. Thank you!

  • I’ve heard so many good things about Generator hostels. We usually opt for Hotels or AirBnB but with a review like this I’ll definitely be looking twice!

  • Alexei Gaynanov

    I love Generator – they are amazing – I’ve stayed in three or four of them now around Europe and agree that they are brilliant! The Stockholm one looks awesome as well and I didn’t even know they had one there! Will definitely be staying when I make it over to Sweden

  • Wanted to stay here when I was going to Stockholm, but the private rooms were full (and I can’t do dorms). Such a pity for me. It looks so gorgeous from your photos!