I’ve been “blogging” for almost a year now, and by “blogging” I mean posting something every other month, maybe once a month. I’ve given up on my blog at least 15 times within that year, I even almost canceled my WordPress account once. Every time I have the idea of starting my blog and really buckling myself down that’s exactly when I neglect it the most. The idea of having a travel blog and saying I’m a blogger was way more intriguing to me than the actual work of blogging.

As long as I could remember I HATED writing, I never thought I was any good at it, I could never piece things together using words on paper. I don’t think I’ve ever received a grade better than a C in any writing class. I was always the visually creative person, not the wordy one.

Just over a month ago I received an email that my WordPress site was going to expire and if I wanted to renew it. That’s when I decided to give this blog one last shot. But I knew that I couldn’t become a real blogger and peruse this as my new career venture with a WordPress site. So I took two full weeks to transfer from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, rebranded my blog, redesigned my site and launched my new and improved Ania Travels on June 12th. It has officially been a full month since starting a blog and giving it 100% this time , these are the things I learned in my first 30 days of being a travel blogger.



How to use WordPress

I have been a graphic designer for 8 years now and it’s something I’ve always been passionate about. My work has mostly focused on print design but I’ve design websites as well. I know coding but I prefer not to touch it. When I switched over my site from .com to .org that was the first time ever I really dove into WordPress. I have learned so much in so little time, I even feel comfortable designing a site for a client in WP now.

Blogging Lingo

WTF is SEO and DA, no-follow vs follow, what are keywords? Oh my goodness, there is so much to learn with blogging lingo. Every day since starting a blog I have been reading about new terminology and learning something new. Before these 30 days, I knew that SEO was important but I had no idea how to manipulate it into a website. I never had to deal with that from a creative standpoint.

Fun fact: I thought keywords were tags, LOL!!! I literally put multiple random tags separated by commas into the keywords and wondered why my SEO wasn’t picking it up.

Affiliates are lot of work

Along with blogging lingo I learned about affiliates. I knew what they were but I had no idea what goes into them. I quickly learned that they are actually a lot of work. You can’t just sign up for a site and BAM you get a promo link. You have to fill out a ton of applications, go through an approval process, and then use active links (I’ve run into a bunch of login problems with affiliates as well).


You’ll never know everything about blogging, but everything is just a click away. I spent countless hours reading, researching, and learning about blogging. Just like in the design industry there will always be something new, better, and more innovative out there. You have to stay up to date and read.


Niche blogging is an extremely tight community

When starting a blog a year ago I never imagined being where I am now. I hated writing and I had no idea what I was doing. I knew there were thousands of other travel bloggers out there and each of them was already way better than I was (unlike me they were at least putting themselves out there and posting more than every other month). I compared myself to them and never imagined being one of them.

I stumbled upon this awesome Facebook Group for Female Travel Bloggers that showed me that I can do this too. I quickly learned that we’re all out there to help each and that travel blogging is an awesome community I love being a part of. This group pushed me to really buckle down and motivated me to stay on track over the last 30 days. Thanks gals!


I’ve always read that blogging is a lot of work but I never realized how much ACTUAL work really goes into it. It doesn’t stop once you’ve written awesome content. You have to create images, links, promote your blog, do social media, network, collaborate and much more. I’ll honestly say between my graphic design business and starting a blog I’ve been working 12-16 hours EVERY DAY for the last 6 weeks.


Your blog will never be perfect

Yep, the last 6 weeks since starting a blog I’ve been working 12-16 hours daily. I spend all day working on this thing and it’ll never be perfect/where I want it. And that's ok! Every day I learn something new and feel the need to go back to every single blog post and fix something. I’m just glad I’m learning all of this early on to prepare myself for content to come.

Step outside your comfort zone

Having this blog has made me step outside my comfort zone. I’ve developed new skills and talked to people I would have never talked to if I haven’t been doing this. I always hated networking and reaching out to people asking for things, this blog has pushed me to do just that. And I've met some awesome blogger friends along the way.

I've become a writer

Funny how that works. I always knew writing is way easier when you’re writing about something you love, but I never really thought I would enjoy it. I constantly get new blog ideas that pop into my head (usually at 3 am when insomnia kicks in). I still have a long way to go for my writing to get better, and me actually thinking something is written well, but I’m on the right track. Practice makes perfect, right?


I can do anything if I put my mind to it

I’ve given up on this blog at least 15 different times, but my head and heart haven't been fully in it. This time is different, I actually want to succeed in this and I want to become a better writer, blogger, share my stories and inspire other solo female travelers. I want to do this. I already see so much success just from the 30 days of starting a blog that I’m excited to see what the next 30 days/months/years has in store for me.

I should have done this earlier

Even though it’s a lot of work and I fought a lot of internal battles to get this blog started, being a travel blogger is fun, rewarding and what I’ve been looking for. This is my way to make a lasting impression and inspire others. I’m finally making my passions my reality.

So now for the fun stuff. I believe in being completely transparent with my audience so I want to share my achievements in the last 30 days of starting a blog.

Blog Achievements

4746 number of views in 30 days
2877 number of unique visitors
5 collaborations/guest posts


5 tours
2 hotel stays
1-day pass at a country club
3 meals

xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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It has officially been a full month since starting a blog and giving it 100%, these are the things I learned in my first 30 days of being a travel blogger. | Blog | Blogging | Start a blog | What I learned from bloggingIt has officially been a full month since starting a blog and giving it 100%, these are the things I learned in my first 30 days of being a travel blogger.

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  • I’m in the group Female Travel Bloggers too! It’s awesome and supportive! I’m glad that you gave it one last shot! Blogging is an adventure and I’m always learning new things.

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is the best, it’s important to have a support group in this venture.

  • Claire Lee

    Oh wow!! You have def achieved a lot. I really agree to all the things you listed out. Which website did you get sponsorships from if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much, it’s been a lot of work but definitly worth it. I contacted companies/hotels/restaurants individually asking for sponsorship.

  • Congrats! I’m happy you took the plunge and found your rhythm with blogging, or at least immersed yourself to the point that you know what needs to be done.

    I hope I can dedicate so much time into my blog soon as well! Really, it’s inspiring to see other bloggers dedicate themselves to their craft and really sink their teeth into trying to make it work. Keep it up!

    • Ania Ewelina

      I really hope you can too, it has been a lot of work but totally work every second. Thank you

  • Jennifer

    Hey Ania
    I like your blogpost and I feel almost like the same you have felt. I’m also working on my travelblog beside my full time job. You are an ispiration, I also feel that I might not good enough at writing. I’m not on that point with my blog I like to be. But I don’t give up and hope I can release it after my Singapore/Bali vacation. Maybe I struggle a little bit, because I like to have it bilingual (german and english). Keep your work up! To see other people like me with same problems, let me feel better. Nothing can be perfect from the beginning 🙂 cheers Jenn

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much. I hope you can find your balance too and continue with the blog. I can totally see how a dual language could be difficult. If I had to do mine in polish and english it would drive me crazy. Maybe just stick to English to start and add German when you get the hang of blogging a bit?

  • I think it’s important to be carrying on for the right reasons and not just because you feel you should. Somehow I manage to post almost every day around my full time job and yes it’s hard but I love it x

    • Ania Ewelina

      That’s crazy you post every day. I used to post twice a week but that was way too much for me, I switched to every 5 days now.

  • Margarette Puno

    You did a great blog. That’s so inspiring. I hope I can go through with that dream of being a blogger. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much.

  • Sandra Negron

    I admire travel vloggers so much, it’s not the easiest thing to do. But I really do enjoy seeing the trips through the vloggers eyes, such fun!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoy them. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference in the world.

  • Cara Palmer

    All your hard work shows. I really enjoyed your post, you’ve done a great job.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you.

  • Becca Talbot

    So much of this rings true for me too Ania – quite a few times I’ve thought about just giving up. But I like to write, and my blog is my creative outlet. I don’t make any more from it, I haven’t done any collabs or worked with any brands, but I like to just write, so write I do! x

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thats awesome! I hated writing so it was always difficult for me to start, but now I actually enjoy it (at least more than I did).

  • greyworldnomads

    I’m very impressed of your numbers and your persistence. Even if it’s not your full time job, you learn a lot. I hope you’ll enjoy the writing even more now.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you

  • Nelu

    Congrats on making it this far. I agree with you on these especially the reading part. You can never learn enough about how to be a better blogger.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you.

  • Emily Moon

    I think that so many people don’t understand how much work it is! Hard work definitely pays off and shows for you!

    • Ania Ewelina

      They really don’t. Thank you

  • Blogging is not so easy as it seems. I think there are two type of people, one you do for knowledge sharing and other for earning via ads.. Both are different

    • Ania Ewelina

      It’s not just pretty pictures and articles. Totally agree with you.

  • Liza Perry

    That’s exactly what Im’always telling people when they say “oh a blog yes anyone can do it”. Nope. It is a LOT of work and commitment. Thank you for such a great post. I never ask for sponsors but maybe I should? Whats your opinion ?

    • Ania Ewelina

      You totally should! I honestly didn’t think my blog was good enough but then I saw girls with lower sats than I ask so I put myself out there and it worked. 🙂

  • foreverroamingtheworld

    I saw this earlier and was so intrigued to read this, a lot of what you have said in this post has been the same for me too. Like yourself I don’t come from a writing background in-fact most the people that know me and this includes myself would never have imaged me to write any kind of material let alone start a blog. This too is my second full month of blogging and you’re so right, so many hours go into it. What I have found since I’ve started to write is I actually really enjoy it. I think it’s because I’m writing about something that I’m passionate about. Like yourself I’m learning so much everyday, and all these groups we are apart of are very helpful; without them I’d be a headless chicken. I hope it all works out for you and takes you where you want to go with it 😀

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really does make all the difference when you write about soemthing you enjoy. I’m glad you found your niche. Keep rocking girl!

  • Pack Your Baguios

    Sounds like you’ve had a very productive first month! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you

  • Alison Rost

    I’ve been blogging nearly five years and still feel like there’s so much I don’t know. Just when it feels like I have it under control, everything changes. You’re right, it’s so important to keep reading and learning .. and that blogging is a crazy amount of work(!) x

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is and people don’t understand that. Things are also ALWAYS changing, we need to keep outselves productive.

  • Sondra Barker

    Your article made me laugh I’m glad you were able to get back on track. Sometimes you have to walk away and come back in order to get a new perspective.

    • Ania Ewelina

      walk away, come back, walk away, come back, walk away, come back, walk away, come back, and bout 10 more times lol.

  • Elena Stevkovska

    I agree with everything you say. I have been going through the same things with my blog. I love your tattoo!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks girl 🙂

  • kathryn Maher

    Lots of good information here for any genre in the blogging community. Being motivated and understanding the “Blogging Lingo” as you put it is very hard . Its not easy when you don’t see the traffic you should and all because you have a poor grasp of SEO understanding. I need to research more on my SEO.

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is a lot to get used to but then it doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy it 🙂

  • I’ve been blogging for several years, but only started to “take it seriously” in the past 6 months or so. It can be very frustrating because my job alone requires 10-12 hour days, then add all of the work involved for keeping a blog going and understanding the terminology, as you said. You’ve had such a productive first month! It’s so great that you’re now enjoying writing and you have a great attitude! xoxo

    • Ania Ewelina

      Oh goodness. It really does take a lot of work. I don’t know some some bloggers post daily. It’s crazy.

  • Brianna

    Congratulations on making it through a month! It’s all about keeping up that momentum over time. Best of luck 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      thank you.

  • David Elliott

    That’s great that you have been able to move forward on really blogging. And I can sympathize so much with how much work that it actually is. There is so much more than what people think about it.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Really is, thank you.

  • I so agree with this. Blogging IS hard work, that’s for sure. And I’m always reading and learning more. Congrats on all your achievements.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks girl 🙂

  • Ola Broom

    Wow! You’ve really done well for yourself in the last 30 days. Congrats! Blogging is a lot of hard work indeed, and most ppl (non bloggers) have no idea what we do.

    • Ania Ewelina

      It’s so true. All they see is the finished piece, but now what it takes to get there.

  • Jennifer Pepple

    My, how I can relate to everything you say here! You’ve had some great accomplishments in a short amount of time as well – congrats!!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks girl

  • Dan Bagby

    Way to go! Where did your traffic come from?

    • Ania Ewelina

      facebook and pintrest are my main sources of traffic.

  • Divyanka Krsna

    This was really inspiring to read! I think most of us feel this way. And those lingo are really annoying if you don’t know their meanings. But we all learn while doing. Congrats!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thakns girl.

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    Congratulations! So many wonderful accomplishments!! Blogging is hard at times but it’s so worth it.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Totally agree, doesn’t even feel like work when you enjoy what you’re doing.

  • Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

    Oh I can relate to so many things you wrote here. I also feel..I would have done this earlier. Blogging is hard work and many people do not understand this. But the best part is that I enjoy it. Congrats!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thats great you do, I’m starting to enjoy it now too. Thanks 🙂

  • Jhilmil Mommyinme

    Its motivating to know that much, I was blogging from past 3 years but without self domain & only as part time. I got my domain this year & have segregated my categories & then I feel why I didn’t do all this earlier.. I could relate your’s so much to mine.. Thanks for sharing

    • Ania Ewelina

      Seriously!!! I wish I really started blogging when I started blogging. Oh well, better late than never 🙂

  • Congratulations on completion of one year of travel blogging with new site .Loved reading your post.

  • Erin Creeks

    Ohhhh how I love this post. You echoed what so many blogger know, and articulated your points so well. I also love your pics. You’re doing a great job!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much 🙂

  • Hal Yusuf

    very good ania – its intriguing to read whats been happening in your experience – i think you have given me an idea to see if any guys are out there in the ‘blog community ! il be hitting poland in my 3rd stop on my travels as your posts have given me the bug to DO MORE 😛

    • Ania Ewelina

      yes!!! Please do more and see more!!!! The world is a big wonderful place <3

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    Travel blogging is what I dream of doing, but how can I do that when I am bound to my responsibilities at home?! Oh well, I know I would still do fine with another niche. There is still a lot to learn!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Hopefully one day you can do it. <3

  • Great read – I agree blogging is hard work and I have had to have a few breaks from it also but persevere – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good luck and happy travels!

    • Ania Ewelina

      SOOOOO true!!!!

  • EclecticKurves

    Girl you are killing it in your first 30 days! Congrats and happy travels!

    • Isn’t she just? I think she is doing a pretty awesome job so far and I know that she will only progress to be even better than before x

      • Ania Ewelina

        Thank you so much <3

  • I echo everything you have said here, especially the part about blogging being such hard work! There is so much more to blogging than just writing a story but well done you for persevering, re-branding and going for it! Hope you continue to be a part of the loyal FeetDoTravel team so we can all continue supporting one another 😀 #feetdotravel

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much! It really is an awesome community too! So true, so much more than pretty pictures and story telling. I’m just so glad to have found support and found something I really enjoy now.

  • Alexei Gaynanov

    Pretty incredible results there! Great tips as well and sounds like you’ve gone through the same process as a lot of people – but you are working super hard and it’s paying off! Keep it up

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks 🙂

  • I know you say that you hate writing but I actually think you are a very good writer, far better than give yourself credit for. Well done for re-branding, you are doing a grand job. Here to help if you need anything hun xxx

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much. They say you’re your own worst critic so that may be true. I appreciate your help to, you’re a blogger I look up to <3

  • Vishal

    This is good. I think you are on the right path. Next time when you think of quitting, just gather yourself and keep doing what you are doing. We think we are not good at something, but not other people think that way. I enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the good work.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much, hopefully there won’t be any more times I feel like quitting. This time around I’m actually in it and am seeing amazing results, so that’s already motivating.

  • yukti agrawal

    Nice tips and ideas. Joining a like minded group in beginner stages is very necessary as we all learn from each other. Many much to learn. Keep it up!

    • Ania Ewelina

      It’s so important to have people support you.

  • Wow, those are some amazing results for someone who just started with blogging! And thank you for sharing your two cents, learnt so much from this post 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much

  • Lorraine

    Congratulations on your new path. I’ve enjoyed reading about your experiences. Continue on the path of increase.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you

  • J Shan Trice

    What a great start! I can relate to many of your concerns as a fairly new blogger! Keep up the good work because the sky is the limit!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much <3

  • Congrats on those sponsorships! That’s awesome. And amen to blogging being hard work…people underestimate what it takes!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much. It really is.

  • Wow! Well done! You have done a lot more sponsorship-wise in you month than I have in three years LOL Keep up the good work.

    • Ania Ewelina

      LOL, thank you though <3

  • Adeyemisi Betty Bethel

    WOW… You just motivated me… I should also work hard

    • Ania Ewelina

      I hope you do, it really does pay off

  • Loving the honesty and realness in this post, I definitely understand the internal battles of giving up and the hard work that goes into blogging. Feeling motivated after reading this, thank you for sharing dear!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much <3 that really is my goal in life to inspire others 🙂

  • Aleney de Winter

    IT is a hard slog. But worth all the love and energy we put into it

    • Ania Ewelina

      worth every minute and restless night <3

  • Okay, WHAT?! You are KILLING IT WITH THOSE STATS GIRL. Gosh, I really got to get on it. Please do a post on how you’re getting all those views and comments!


    • Ania Ewelina

      Will do <3 thank you girl

  • this is awesome and really encouraging to hear! I just posted some of my first travel posts on my site. http://www.lindsaybakerco.com

    • Ania Ewelina

      I will check it out, thanks girl.

  • Well done on your blog achievements! I definitely learnt that blogging is hard work haha

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is, thank you.

  • Made Adayasa

    I hate writing on the first time I tried to write something but soon I enjoyed and have fun with it . I feel like very sastified when I’ve done one article .

    Thanks for sharing the tips

    • Ania Ewelina

      I think I enjoy it more after seeing my results and people actually reading what I have to say lol.

  • Sona Sethi

    Very inspiring. I havent hit these stats even after a year of blogger. Very well done.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much <3

  • Silvija Rimkiene

    Definitely inspired me today!!! Thank you for that!

    • Ania Ewelina


  • 1AdventureTraveler

    Great inspiration! Wonderful tips to read as much as one can and also catch up with the important aspects of blogging. Thanks for sharing! #feetdotravel

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much <3

  • Anvita – TheBellyRulesTheMind

    You did great girl. Sponsorships in your first month of blogging is good. BTW it’s so true that niche blogging is a lot of effort

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is, and most people don’t realize it.

  • Sam

    Nice post with lot of information about blogging. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Kathy Marris

    It is very hard work! I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years and it doesn’t get any easier. My advice is to keep persevering and you will grow slowly.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Lol thanks for that, I do hope to be blogging for 5 or more years, I want to make this my full time job at a point.

  • Galia Vu

    wow it’s very hard work! really useful and inspire for me to try more . Thanks

    • Ania Ewelina


  • Your stats are very good for only 30 days of traveling. Getting sponsored posts so early in your journey is definitely a plus. You are lucky you can work on your blog full time.

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is, I feel I can accomplish anything after getting some amazing results from the first month.

  • Margarette Puno

    Congrats! You have done such great achievements. I always have these fear pf blogging but i hope in the future I can be one. Thanks to you.

    • Ania Ewelina

      I hope you can, its a crazy rough yet amazingly fun journey.

  • Pete

    Having a support group is vital. Otherwise you’re just throwing yourself out into space and it’s only the occasional passing asteroid that even takes a look at your site.

    You write just fine. No problems there. Combined with your graphic skills and an understanding of WordPress, you’re already a step or two of most bloggers.

    How have you found Disqus? I tried it for a bit and gave it up as too fiddly and proprietary.

    • Ania Ewelina

      I actually really like it. I found that the stock comment box I kept getting a lot of errors, many people’s messages were marked as spam even though they are real people, so I find Disqus really useful.

  • Prateek Goel

    Interesting topic afterall!! For me especially, I’m too going through these phases! My blog too is just 6 months old and I’ve learnt a lot from these 6 months. Presence of support group is important in this blogging, which I have created a bit.
    Congo for achievements.

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is important. Thank you.

  • Teresa Gomez

    Very impressive for a one year old blog! I’ve been blogging for 3 months and, like you, I’m learning so much! SEO, DA, keywords, metadata, media kits… I don’t have enough hours in the day to implement what I’m learning from groups like FTB. It’s a fascinating world, but as you said, it’s hard work! I love it though 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Seriously!!! So much to learn but it’s all an amazing journey.

  • Great stuff Ania! I think most of the things you mentioned anyone with a blog will relate to. It certainly does take more time than you think and yeah I remember the first time I came across DA- I was like, eh!?

    • Ania Ewelina

      haha right, I came across someone saying they’ll do a blog post with someone with a DA of 35, im like HUH???? Why are numbers involved???

  • Vijay Vellaisamy

    Great inspiration. Your blog never will be perfect. We all learn by making mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you.

  • Yeu Doi

    Glad it’s working well for you. Delighted to read such positive posts.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you

  • Marina Jurcic

    This post is such an inspiration. Not only for travel bloggers, but all who are in this business and are having some trouble with for ex. numbers or sponsorship. It is great to read a positive post that gives us energy to keep on going.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much <3

  • Shona Grant

    Congratulations for giving it another go. Like everything, there are good and bad days, but you sound like you’ve conquered the obstacles. Well done!

    • Ania Ewelina

      So true, we just have to keep an eye on the goal and we will get there.

  • I see you are working very hard on your blog, I agree that 12-16 hours a day is required and that’s still not enough! Keep writing and working hard and I’m sure bigger success will be on its way!

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is and people don’t realize it. I hope to reach some amazing successes with this 😉

  • You’re off to an amazing start. Good for you. Blogging has changed so much from when I first started.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    Thanks for sharing your victories with us. It sure is fun to travel and to maintain a blog that documents your experiences is awesome. Hope to read more about your fun travels soon!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you 🙂

  • Denice Joyce Diaz

    Congratulations on your milestones! I can definitely feel what you are going through. I myself have tried blogging seriously for over 2 years. Most of the time my full time work and being a mom got in the way. I would stop posting and then end up regretting it. I am working as hard as I can to be consistent – at least posting once a week. So far so good.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Oh yeah I work too so it gets hard but if I had a little one…. Props to you girl!

  • Neha Verma

    Totally agree with what you said. And the most with the statement that blogging is hard work. Is very hard work. My blog started last year, and I can totally relate to all that you underwent post starting your blog

    • Ania Ewelina

      Wishing your blog the best.

  • I love FTB! It’s my favourite group, all the ladies are so wonderful and helpful in there. I thought the same thing about keywords and tags for SUCH a long time, I’m kind of embarrassed in hindsight so glad to know I’m not the only one! Congrats on your amazing stats for the first month taking it seriously!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Seriously, I felt like such an idiot when I realized what it was lol.

  • I love this post. I can definitely relate to the growing pains of starting and maintaining a blog. A lot of people think I just write stuff and take photos. Far from it! Blogging is a full-time job and more and requires as much hard work and dedication as anything else. Great read and congrats on your accomplishments!

    • Ania Ewelina

      It’s not that at all, it’s a lot of work that goes into it.

  • Kate Carter Hickey

    I’m so glad you’re finding FTB beneficial! I was thick into that group until a mod started harrassing me. It’s tough to find a group in a competitive industry that’s 100% supportive!

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is but it’s so important to find a group that can be helpful and resourceful.

  • Great that you’re getting sponsorship as well, that must make it easy and worth while. Its good that you’re learning new things, and down the road, you’re gonna learn a lot more too. I enjoyed reading your article.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you I sure hope so :_

  • BestiesNotepad

    Nice post!
    Being new to blogging myself, this is a very useful one…and I agree, blogging requires a lot of work! You can’t just write a good post and wait..lot of work to do

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really does. Wishing your blog the best.

  • Kimberly Caines

    I so agree with you that blogging is hard work. I try to contribute new info to my blog weekly, but I’m such a perfectionist, that it takes a while before I’m happy with a post. I agree that it will never be perfect. I love to write though and I think if you love what you do, your readers will notice it. Going to look through your blog now to read about your travels. 😉

    • Ania Ewelina

      Totally agree, if you love what you do it’s easier and people see the enthusiasm and passion in what you’re doing.

  • Ania– I am so inspired by this story. You are more than welcome to guest post with me ANY DAY. I am so happy to be part of a blogging community with you and I feel much closer to you now! XO

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much, I would love to collaborate with you <3

  • yukti agrawal

    Wow you have poured your heart truly. There is lot of hardwork involved in blogging that too without knowing where we are going. It is just like aiming an arrow blindly. You have really achieved a lot in 1 month. Sponsors are great to achieve that too in 1st month.

    • Ania Ewelina

      I really did. It’s been one hell of a journey that is just getting started.

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Great post and so honest about SEO part.. well beginning for me was also the same, until when I picked up a course in DM for myself to learn how to integrate digital language in blogging. Great post to motivate all of us:)

  • Cara Hosie

    So inspiring! I started my travel blog (theblondeandbeyond.com) about 2 weeks ago and I can only hope for success like this! Thanks so much for the tips & advice 🙂 xx