Stockholm will forever hold a dear place in my heart. It’s one of those cities that you’ve heard so many great things about that you begin to fall in love with it before even going there. The same happened to me. I’ve only been to Stockholm once but I fell in love with it only a couple hours after arriving. But with so much to do and see one can get extremely overwhelmed by this city. That’s why I chose Vespa Stockholm when I was looking for things to do, it's the fastest and most efficient way of seeing this beautiful city.


About Vespa Stockholm

Vespa Stockholm is probably the best scooter tour company I’ve ever done a tour with. Most scooter companies let you rent out a scooter and you’re on your own. Sometimes providing a GPS but most time you’re lost half the time trying to find directions. Vespa Stockholm is different. They provide you with everything! A GPS, four different tour options to choose from “Seaside, Island Hopping, City & Djurgarden and Archipelago”, the scooter, a helmet, even gas. All you need is a valid license.


Booking your tour

You should book your tour via their internet page (click here to book a tour) choose between a 5 hour (550 SEK / €59), 1 day (790 SEK / €85) or 2 days (1390 SEK / €149) tour. I did the one-day tour. Once you arrive at the office, the owner Peter will greet you with a coffee (them Swedish love their Fika), and will go over the different tour options you can do. He provides you with a map and explains how the tours works, then you’re off to explore.


Navigating the tours

Each tour is designed by a local and goes into places that you wouldn’t find in a tour book. The tours are extremely easy to navigate too! You literally just pick a tour into the GPS, start it off at the first point, and it tells you directions from point to point to point, making pit stops at 6 different locations per tour. Peter explains how to use the GPS and you can find directions in the box in case you forget. The GPS even tells you where free parking is located throughout the entire city so you don’t have to worry about getting ticketed.


Touring Stockholm

I was able to do two different tours during my day of rental. Each tour takes about two hours depending on how long you want to explore. I wanted to take my time so each tour took me about 3 hours.


Seaside Tour

This tour starts on the island of Riddarholmen that has kept its historic 17th century royal look. You will see many different historic statues and historic buildings that will give you an imperial vibe.

The tour continues to the hipster district Södermalm where you can stroll around cozy hip shops. The day I was there there was an art fest going on with graffiti artists, painters, and sculptures displaying their work. Stroll around and explore. Stop in at Johan & Nystrom for a traditional Fika (Sweedish coffee break).

Continuing the tour to the most famous viewpoint in all of Stockholm: Monteseliusvägen, where you can take some impressive panoramic photos. Stay in this area for a while, there are a ton of beautiful buildings all around.


Your scooter will now take you to another island called Långholmen. It’s an extremely green island that many locals escape the city life to. This island previously housed the biggest prison in Sweden. Today there is a prison museum on the island. Walk around the island and see where the locals like to escape. There’s even a “beach”.


Lilla Essingen is our next stop. This is a hidden gem of Stockholm that many travelers don’t get to see. Filled with beautiful buildings and shops the locals are extremely proud of this are.

The final stop on this tour is the City Hall. One of Sweden’s most famous buildings and Stockholm’s most famous landmark, it is a must see when here. Take a tour to the top of the tower to see an amazing view of Stockholm.


Island Hopping Tour

Once my Seaside tour was over I decided on the Island hopping tour. This tour takes you to 6 different islands in Stockholm. Starting at the smallest island Kastellholmen with stunning views of the city that you wouldn’t find otherwise. Explore the island, it’s small enough.


Skeppsholmen is the next island. This island now houses many house boats and The Modern museum. Walk around the island and explore the different boats. I even found one that said Wanderlust.

The next stop is a small island that houses the Parliament Building and the Medieval Museum. I just drove past this island and went straight to Gamla Stan where the Royal Palace is located. From the Royal Palace it’s easy for you to walk across the bridge to see the Parliament Building. You should definitely take some time on this island of Gamla Stan and explore all that it has to offer. This is the heart of Stockholm.

You are now going to another viewpoint of Stockholm at Cornelisparken. Not as beautiful as the Seasisde tour viewpoint but still very pretty. Here you can see all the different islands you just saw. From this viewpoint, you can easily get to the Fotografiska Musuem that is worth checking out if you enjoy photography.

Your final stop on this tour is the Hipster District of SOFO. This is the heart of Södermalm. There are plenty of amazing restaurants and cafes here that you can walk around, explore, and grab a bite to eat after your day of exploring.


Vespa Stockholm made my trip memorable. Not only did I ride around on a yellow sunshine mobile all day I was able to see more than I would via any other means of transportation. Would you ride a Vespa around Stockholm?

Planning a trip to Sweden? Look for flights here. Check out other things to do in Stockholm here.

Xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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With so much to do/see in Stockholm, one can get overwhelmed. That’s why I chose Vespa Stockholm for the fastest & most efficient way to sightsee this city. With so much to do/see in Stockholm, one can get overwhelmed. That’s why I chose Vespa Stockholm for the fastest & most efficient way to sightsee this city.

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Vespa Stockholm. All opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links, which will earn me a few cents to contribute to the running of this site if you make a qualifying purchase at no extra cost to you.


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    Ohh Stockholm how I miss my Stockholm! I havent been back home for like ten years! But next summer we are going so knowing about Vespa Stockholm is awesome! Something we will definitely do! Just one problem, we have our daughter with us! Perhpas we will managr to find a babysitter for a day so mum and dad can have a romantic vespa getaway cruising around beautiful Stockholm!❤️

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    Such a fun story, as someone who has owned a few Vespas and just did a cross country motorcycle trip I will have to check out this option on my next trip to Stockholm. Great photos!

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    This is such a good and cool idea! Came in just the right time as I’m going to Stockholm next month and will be checking this out. It also looks like you have lots of fun!

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  • Back in Stockholm this spring, I thought it was a brilliant idea 🙂 (btw, I still think it is). Sadly, due to their popularity, they were fully booked for 3 weekends in a row, so whoever is going to try them – beware, you have to book way in advance

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