As you already know, I'm a huge fan of food tours, to me food is an extremely important part of traveling. It ties you to the culture, let’s you try some delicious new things you’ve never tried before and leaves you with memories you’ll never forget. Whenever I travel to a city that is known for its delicious food I have to seek out the best food tours I could find. Last week I talked about my experience with Original Food Tours and this week I’ll share my experience with a Paris food tour by Discover Walks.

I was drawn to Discover Walks when I saw that they did a walking tour that focused on local and the best food in Paris. I loved the idea that I would be tasting all local hand-picked goodies by a local, but the items could be modified based on our preferences. So far the tour sounded great.


Discover Walks Paris Food Tour


The tour started quite early on a Saturday morning where we met near the Sentier metro station. Our food tour guide started out by explaining to us that this tour is designed specifically for us. We will be able to choose what we want to try and sample and any and all adjustments can be made based on our likings.

Discover Walks Paris Food Tour


We started our tour heading to a Boulangerie where we picked up a couple Baguettes and several different French pastries. Our tour named a bunch of different pastries and asked if we’ve ever tried any of them. Most of us didn’t know what they were and we said no. The tour guide then proceeded to go purchase all of these pastries and we met outside.

Discover Walks Paris Food Tour

At our first stop, our tour guide explained to us what a boulangerie is and to only purchase baguettes from one of these. These are bakeries that are not commercialized and they will have the higher quality foods. We also learned that you should order a traditional baguette versus a regular baguette because this is what the locals eat. The word “traditional” makes all the difference when choosing your bread.

Discover Walks Paris Food Tour

As we were outside of the boulangerie and our tour guide explain to us the different types of pastries he purchased. We tried the choquette, pain au chocolate with almonds, canelé and elephant ears right away, and saved the éclair for dessert. I really enjoy eating French pastries so this was my favorite part of the tour.

We then went to a cheese shop where we picked up many different kinds of cheese. Some cheeses I’ve never seen before, and some looked fairly familiar. Our tour guide asked us if we like (or would like to try) stinky cheeses, and he picked up a few that he thought were appropriate for us. I really enjoyed the soft cheeses from Franch, some of them are quite stinky, but to me extremely flavorful and delicious.

Discover Walks Paris Food Tour

Following our cheese adventure, we went to a local fruit market where we purchased pears to go along with our cheeses. This might sound weird but I promise you it was extremely delicious. The softer cheeses that I liked (similar to brie’s) go extremely well with the pear. Skip the crackers and cut up some pears for your next wine and cheese night!

Our next stop was a meat and butcher shop. Similar to the cheeses the tour guide asked us if we liked certain meats or have tried any of them. He picked out several different slices he thought we would like and even threw in a little curve ball at us and picked up an extremely stinky meat that he said was made from goose colon. I’m a pretty adventurous eater but even some of these meats were a little too much for me. The pate was my favorite but some of the others really must be an acquired taste.

Once we had all of our food we made one final stop to a local chocolatier to pick up dessert and headed to a fast food like restaurant to eat all of our food.


Discover Walks Paris Food Tour

The Bad

Overall I thought this was a good tour, but there were a few things that I didn’t particularly love about it. Every time we changed locations I felt that we were rushed in the local shops. I understand that other people are coming by and most of the shops are small, but I wish this tour company could build a better relationship with the establishments that are part of this tour so we can get a chance to talk to the owners and explore more of what they offered.

Discover Walks Paris Food Tour

Another thing I didn’t particularly love about this tour was the location where we sat and ate all of our food. It seemed like a local chain of “fast food” that offered healthy food options and coffees. Our tour guide mentioned that we were supposed to eat in a completely different place than where we ended up going but if we went to one of the designated restaurants we would have had to purchase their offerings. We were already purchasing drinks at our last location and I would have loved to see the restaurant that was included in the tour (or at least tell us that this is where we’re supposed to be). It goes back to my previous point, that if they had better relationships with their vendors we probably would have been able to go to one of the restaurants and bring our own food.

Discover Walks Paris Food Tour

Final thoughts about my Paris food tour

Overall I thought this was a pretty good food tour for Paris. I enjoyed that I got to try all the actual local foods that I would have never purchased myself and I was able to try the different flavors of a typical French palette. Our group was a lot of fun and we chatted and laughed a lot which made the tour a lot of fun. There are a few things that this tour can improve on but overall it was a great experience.

Want to experience local Parisian cuisine? If you like this tour book it here.

Xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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I'm a huge fan of food tours, to me food is an extremely important part of traveling. This is my experience with Discover Walks Paris Food Tour. | Food Tour | Paris | Foodie | Walking Tour | Discover Walks I'm a huge fan of food tours, to me food is an extremely important part of traveling. This is my experience with Discover Walks Paris Food Tour. | Food Tour | Paris | Foodie | Walking Tour | Discover Walks

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  • Vasundhra Singh

    Trying the local delicacies would have been an amazing. The tour company must look into your suggestions to improve customer experience!

  • You know Ania, this is something I’ve always wanted to do! I love finding all the hidden food spots when I’m travelling but I’ve never been on a proper guided tour. I really loved your photography on this piece! I think the pastries would have been my favourite too.

  • You can’t go wrong with a food tour! No matter how good or bad it is you’ll always at least walk away with a good story right!?

  • Laura Dove

    Ooh a food tour! Amazing!! I love Paris, for the sights, the people and most of all the food! The pastries in france are delicious!

  • Baguettes are so simple but so tasty Ania. I have not been to Paris but was introduced to this delectable food stuff in Vietnam, which has a heavy French influence. Delicious. Simple as pie too but the basic bread deal is incredibly good and filling too. Satiating as can be. Food tours rock.


  • Emily Kammerlohr

    Girl I am SO hungry now. All those pastries have me drooling.

  • Amy

    This is making me so hungry! Need a pastry right now. Also, how do French people stay so skinny when their food is so good???

  • This tour looks like so much fun! The produce in the markets much be so delicious. In France the food always tastes better for some reason 🙂

  • Eliza Casipagan

    I agree with your point, at times it is good to have at least a small talk to store owners about their product, its origin and other stuff – specially if we can hook about their products. Though this still seems like a wonderful food trip, your pictures tells that too.

  • Great place for foodies. This post makes me hungry. What a variety of food items ! Paris is really worth to visit.

  • Adventuresfromwhereyouwanttobe

    To eat an eclair in Paris would be amazing. But then again so would the cheese, the meats, the chocolate. I have never thought of going on a food tour before when travelling but it looks like a delicious idea.

  • We are of to Paris in a few weeks and adding this to our itinerary. Nothing better than feasting on pastries.

  • I like the sound of this food tour. I have never been on a food tour before. Sounds interesting.

  • David E

    It does sounds like a pretty great tour. I always prefer to do things like this in groups as opposed to all alone.

  • Style Over Coffee

    I love trying local food whenever I visit a new place and this food tour sounds amazing! I love the photographs and would love to go on such a tour if I ever visit Paris! Thanks for sharing.
    Do drop by my blog as well : 🙂

  • victoria

    You must have had an awesome time in Paris. Will try this tour when I finally get to visit Paris.

  • 1AdventureTraveler

    Great foodie local tour and would love to try and learn about the different pastries, cheeses and meats. Good review and this would be a tour I will have to put on my list of things to do while in Paris. Happy you shared! #feetdotravel

  • I am SUCH a fan of walking food tours. I’ve done them in Nashville, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and beyond!

  • Chris Fisher

    Wow – sound amazing – and I am very hungry now !. Never done a food tour before but next time I will – Chris – TreadtheGlobe

  • Kate AndKris

    Sounds yum! I love a good food tour. You are right, it’s better when you can talk to the vendors a bit about what you are eating.

  • Lorelle Catalano

    Love French food, and to do a tour and discover new and exciting places would be awesome. Foodie heaven 🙂

  • Baked goods are my weakness. This all looks amazing.

    I’ve never done a food tour, only a beer tour 😛