Girona is such a cute little town, located just two hours via bus from Barcelona, it is worth checking out if you have extra time in Barcelona and you're looking for things to do. I would describe Girona as a chic/hip, up and coming suburb. It has a ton of cute little shops and cafes as well as some beautiful scenery. So here are the top 5 things to do and what you can't miss.


Pont De Les Peixateries Valles on Oynar River

What a beautiful bridge! Also known as the Eiffel Bridge, this bridge was designed by Gustave Eiffel right before the Eiffel Tower. Having similar attributes, it’s definitely a beautiful bridge with some amazing photo opportunities.AniaTravels-on-Pont-De-Les-Peixateries-Valles Pont-De-Les-Peixateries-Valles-on-Oynar-River

Rambla de la Llibertat

As you know by now, I love to people watch. This is a perfect street where you can sit on a patio with a glass of wine and people watch. There are tons of different restaurants and pubs all on this street. The street becomes extremely lively at night, so if you’re up for it, I recommend going patio hopping and people watching.


Placa Dels Raims

Known as the smallest square in all of Europe, it sure is small indeed! So small it’s hard to find. But if you make it to my recommended coffee place this is right around the corner. It’s really neat to see how small this place actually is. Makes you wonder what is considered a Placa in Europe?

Cathedral of Girona and Basilica de Sant Feliu

The beautiful Cathedral is known to have the widest Gothic nave in the world. Definitely worth checking out. The entrance fee will cover the cathedral, cloisters and the museum. Right next to the cathedral is the beautiful Basilica de Sant Feliu, they are both surrounded by Jardins Dels Alemanys (German Gardens) so once you’re done exploring the cathedral go for a stroll around its grounds, you won't be disappointed with the beauty.

Jardins Dels-Alemanys

El Call (Jewish Quarter)

One of the best kept Jewish Quarters in all of Europe, this one you cannot miss. The narrow maze like streets, cobblestones, and winding paths will bring you back in history over 500 years. I love taking a stroll down Jewish Quarters, there is so much history and it’s a great way to imagine how Jewish immigrants once lived.


Where to eat and drink

+Cub: Great place for lunch or dinner! They have great food at awesome prices. They also have an outside patio (which books up super quick) where you have kick back with a glass of wine and people watch.

Carrer de l'Albereda, 15, 17004 Girona
Phone972 21 29 67

Espresso Mafia: This place is a can’t miss for coffee lovers, one of the best-iced coconut chai latte’s I have ever tried. Bonus points, if you go here you will easily find Europe’s smallest Placa.

Carrer de la Cort Reial, 5, 17004 Girona
Phone633 07 80 75


So if you have a day to waste while in Barcelona, or just need to get away from the hecticness, Girona should definitely be put on your travel bucket list. A beautiful suburban town with a European flair.

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Xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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Girona is a cute town located two hours from Barcelona. Filled with tons of shops, cafes and beautiful scenery. Here are the top 5 things you can’t miss. Girona is a cute town located two hours from Barcelona. Filled with tons of shops, cafes and beautiful scenery. Here are the top 5 things you can’t miss.

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  • Arpy Vanyan

    Ahh… Love all the colorful and blooming houses!! Never been to Spain, but have it in my bucket list. This blog boosted my inspiration 😉 Thank you!

  • Adrianna Vogel

    I love exploring small cities and the Girona looks so beautiful! I love Barcelona and I am sure Ill be visiting it soon again so I am gonna have to check it out next time! Your photos are beautiful!

  • Kate Veggie Desserts

    Girona looks so beautiful. The architecture and scenery are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Look amazing! Thanks for sharing this best kept secret. What a view of the water those apartment dwellers must have. Thanks for sharing!

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    wow Girona surely looks like an amazing place to be!!

  • Beautiful paces and the photography is so good. I also like your blog’s banner.

  • Ana Ojha

    The architecture of the Cathedral of Girona and Basilica de Sant Feliu is absolutely surreal! Patio hopping sounds fun as I too love watching people! Your pictures speak for itself how much fun you had!

  • Karyn Locke

    What a colorful place to visit! I’m loving all of the photos and must put it on my travel go-to list!

  • My best friend just got back from a trip to Spain and her photos made me want to go there sosososo badly… Whelp, you’ve just made it so much worse with this post haha. Looks like you had an awesome time, girl! There’s so much culture in Spain, it sounds amazing.

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  • wow!I love to visit such places.Cathedrals are really interesting with beautiful architecture.I also love to watch buildings of different shapes.
    – Amila

  • Rose Mont

    I want to see it all. It all looks so pretty and inviting and when I’m tired I will take a break and sip on a iced coconut chai latte because you said so!

  • Becca Talbot

    I’ve not been to Girona yet, but I’ve heard so many great things about it 🙂 These pictures are fab, I love them! x

  • It looks like such a bright and colourful place, looks beautiful x

  • Ooh the Cathedral of Girona is beautiful. I am going To Valencia in October is that near Girona by any chance? x

  • Prateek Goel

    This post is true surreal post! The architecture of the Cathedral of Girona is fabulous.
    Your pictures says everything about Spain. Spain is getting too much in me now-a-days that I can’t wait for it.

  • Through your pictures, I enjoyed this beautiful city.

  • Dunja

    I’ve never heard of that city, but I’m planning to explore Spain next or maybe the year after so i’ll make sure I go there 🙂 It looks so lovely x

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    Truly Beautiful pictures, now I really want to go back o Spain and visit Girona. It looks like my type of place!

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    I definitely have to make it out to Barcelona in the near future. And when I do I will have to keep this place in mind. It does look beautiful and it’s great all the people watching opportunities you have.

  • Girona looks so pretty! I’m actually hoping to visit Barcelona in December, so I’ll add this to my list as well!

  • Haven’t been to Girona but its colors call my name. Next time I am in Spain, I will visit for sure. #feetdotravel

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    Wow girl! It’s so beautiful! I would love to visit Girona someday!

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    Girona was on my list the last time I went to Barcelona. We wanted to make a day trip there but we fell asleep and we missed the first train, and it didn`t make any sense to go there for just couple of hours.

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    I’ll make sure I have a couple of spare days on my next Barcelona trip to take in the sights of Girona. 🙂

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    Girona seems like a super cute city. I still haven’t been to Barcelona but hopefully, some time..!
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    Looks like an amazing day trip – beautiful architecture that all Spanish cities seem to have in abandon and plenty to see and do. And coffee – who could say no to coffee!? Thanks for sharing

  • Spain has such interesting architecture, and some of the smaller cities outside of Barcelona are definitely the most interesting. Beautiful photography…thanks for sharing!

  • I love those hip and happening places Ania. Always my fave. These towns exude a different type of energy, right? Like an off the beaten path, fascinating, magnetic pull that keeps you there for at least a week or so. Beautiful colors and awesome shots too. Looks like a fun spot to add to my Spain trip….when I finally visit there LOL.

  • Miranda Knudtson

    Rambla de la Llibertat looks like a beautiful little area to relax in!

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    This town looks so vibrant, I love the beautiful architectures highlighted. Spain is my dream city and I have planned it for next year!

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    I’ve never been to Girona… how absolutely adorable it looks! What stunning buildings and beautiful colours 🙂

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    Girona looks like a fun city! I love the architecture and, I would love to see that bridge in person.

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    What a beautiful, colourful city is Girona. I love it. Your photos are very good.

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  • This is a lovely place to discover on foot. There seems to be quite a few picturesque spots. I particularly loved the Jewish town and Cathedral of Girona . I am sure you had a pretty fab trip yourself/

  • Adrenaline Romance

    The colorful apartment buildings are a joy to see. And the cathedrals are really nice. It would be so cool to walk around here and have a coffee by the cobblestone street. Large, major cities should have places like this.

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    I loved Girona and felt a bit sad that I had quite a little time there. So your post could be very helpful if I would return some day. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Swayam

    The bridge is indeed very colourful. But I am surprised that none of your pictures showed people. Wondering why?