When I think of France all I think about is WINE WINE and more WINE! Especially being as big of a wine-o as I am (seriously ask my friends) all I could think about is WINE and the fact that I’ll probably never want to leave. I had a few days to kill between when I left Zurich and when I had to fly out of Paris so it’s no surprise that I sought out the best wine tour in Burgundy.

I’ve always been a big fan of the bold Bordeaux wines but Burgundy wine was new territory for me. Since Bordeaux was a bit out of the way for me to go for a couple of days I decided to experience a wine and food tour in the capital of the Burgundy area; Dijon (yep, like the mustard).


Intro to the best wine tour in Burgundy, Francce

I decided to go with the Passion tour from Authentica Burgundy Wine Tours because it was a full day wine and food tour at a reasonable price (mostly wine with a slight snack). The tour started off with a breakfast stop with a breathtaking view over the Corton Grand Cru hillside in the Côte de Beaune. Here we enjoyed croissants, took photos of the beautiful area and started to learn about the different classifications of wine from the area. Burgundy is known for their Pinot Noir (red) and Chardonnay (white).



Once we were done with the first stop we continued to our first wine tasting (this is where the fun began). Our first wine tasting took place at the Château de Marsannay, here we got a wealth of information about the different wines this Château produces. We learned about the different classifications of Burgundy wines, different soils that are used to create the grapes, got a tour of the Château, learned about the entire cycle of wine from planting, harvesting, to bottling and aging. We finally ended this stop with the wine tasting. Trying one Chardonnay and 5 different Pinot Noirs from different years and classifications. It’s safe to say I really grew an appreciation for light wines here.




Historical city of Beaune

After the first in-depth wine tasting, we drove to the beautiful city of Beaune. During our car ride, we got a bit of an overview of the history of this town, as well as how it fits into the Burgundy wine area. We received a map with some lunch recommendations and things to do, and had an hour and a half to explore on our own.

I took this as an advantage to get to know the town. I started by walking around the beautiful historical town taking photos. Seeing the different shops, admiring the architecture, and the beautiful churches, I really enjoy starting off seeing a new place this way.


Followed by yet another wine tasting from the Moillard shop (that was included for Authentica guests). This wine tasting felt more personal (probably because I was the only one there), but I was able to speak to the shop owner and ask all the questions I had. I really enjoyed the one-on-one time I was able to get.


I seem to have worked up an appetite after all that wine and walking around, so it’s time for lunch! Wanting to get the full French experience I wanted some snails, (I had Burgundy snails the night before and they are the best!). I came across this tiny wine and snail shop that suckered me in with a sign that said “6 snails and a glass of wine for 10€”. I’m in! Espace Découvertes is a cute shop where the owner works the shop. I really wish that I spoke some French and she better English because I would have loved to chat with her about her shop. But, I was very happy with my lunch choice, the snails were delicious and the wine very tasty.


One last stop

I knew I would enjoy this tour when they advertised having to taste 9-12 Burgundy wines. We well exceeded that amount. Our final stop was at the Le Caveau Bejot vins & terroirs, a beautiful modern tasting room where we had an extensive tasting of 5 Chardonnays, 2 Pinot Noirs, and a sparkling wine. This was a sit down tasting and it was the first time we were able to fully chat (I’m sure the few glasses of wine had something to do with it), amongst ourselves, get to know one another, and compare all of the wines we have tasted. It was a great experience.




Overall I give this tour a 10/10, the generous amounts of wine, the delicious croissant, the beautiful views, and the extensive amount of knowledge we learned about Burgundy wine was incredible. I really learned to appreciate a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on this tour. I don’t ever drink white wine and I prefer the bold deep red wines, however, this tour really allowed me to expand my taste buds, learn about and appreciate a new kind of wine. They still won’t be my first choices when choosing a wine, but I at least know what Pinot Noirs I like and how to choose one to my liking (hint, I like the most expensive ones, go figure!).

Want to continue the fun? Book a tour with Authentica and get a FREE bottle of wine when you use coupon code “aniatravels”. YUMMMM!

Xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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When I think of France all I think about is WINE WINE and more WINE! Here's my experience with Authentica Burgundy Wine Tour. | Dijon | France | Wine Tour | Food Tour | Burgundy Wine | Wine When I think of France all I think about is WINE WINE and more WINE! Here's my experience with Authentica Burgundy Wine Tour. | Dijon | France | Wine Tour | Food Tour | Burgundy Wine | Wine

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  • Kallia Manika

    I am very glad you enjoyed your time and your burgundy wine tour was a success enough to give it a 10 out 10! This wine picture is making me crave wine! I bet it would taste unbelievable!

  • Khushboo Motihar

    A wine tour in France! That is my dream come true. I have done a few wine tours in my country but it does not compare to your experience 🙂

  • Victoria Moore

    Looks like a lovely time! I’m totally jealous right now!

  • Oooh I’m loving everything about this wine tour!! #FeetdoTravel

  • Adventuresfromwhereyouwanttobe

    The wine looks good, but the croissants look amazing.

  • EG Green

    Sound like you definitely got your fill (pun intended) of wine during this tour. I especially love the fact that they had free time built in for you to go off and explore on your own. I appreciate when tour companies do that because then it doesn’t feel like you’re just rushing from place to place.

  • Caitlin Boylan

    I love your photos!

  • shruti sutwala

    I was in Burgundy last year and your post has definitely made me nostalgic about the trip – its such a pretty part of France, wines are so classy! Loved Buene though we had chosen to stay in a smaller town! #feetdotravel

  • Wine and history!? I’m loving everything about this. Your photos are awesome too!!

  • Somnath Roy

    Croissants have now come to India.I believe their origin is in France although not sure but your photos truly depicts and reflects the title in the article

  • Shona Grant

    This sounds like a great tour Ania. Great info, delicious wine and they feed you too! #pinned

  • Alexei Gaynanov

    Great photos and sounds like you had a fantastic time. I love winery tours as it’s a great opportunity to learn about the process and to try some delicious drinks! The food looked amazing too!

  • Wow! This tour sounds and looks fabulous!

  • Nice Article! This wine tour seems to be a great experience 🙂 – Personally I prefer the deep red wine from the south of France – Made of Syrah and Grenache. And did you try a 100% Malbec in Argentina? Oh my god, I was buying a bottle every night.

    It’s fantastic to cook and drink wine in the same time!