If I could have looked into the future at 15 and saw myself a decade later as I am now; I wouldn’t have believed this person who has traveled the world all while inspiring and helping millions of women to travel and live a healthier lifestyle was me.
Sometimes, I still don’t believe it.
Waking up every day to the life I’ve always dreamed of is no longer just a dream. I have nothing but gratitude for freedom to live my life the way I am.
However things weren’t always so perfectly aligned for me. Ever since I was little I knew the cubicle lifestyle wasn’t for me. I was destined for more. I wanted to travel, I wanted to see the world, but most important I wanted to make a difference and help people.
I got stuck working 80 hours a week between two jobs and I was miserable. I worked hard for many years, overcoming many obstacles that led me to where I am today. But I always knew this life wasn’t for me.
Growing up I always envisioned my life to be one big ADVENTURE. I would travel around spending time with family and friends, doing whatever I wanted to.
I wanted to experience life to the fullest, snorkeling with nurse sharks in Belize, learning bachata in Cuba, sipping Malbec on an Argentinean vineyard, learning to make tom yum soup in Thailand, or relaxing on a hammock in Bali.
I thought I would always be in control of my own life.
The truth was every day I remained in that job, my dreams SLIPPED further and further away. I was stuck in the corporate rat race.
The commutes, office politics, and mundane daily routine took over and formed an endless cycle. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, trapped by my job and bills.
Then the stress, tension and anxiety started to mount. It was not only taking a toll on me in the workplace, but started to filter into my personal life.
I suffered from anxiety and insomnia for YEARS. I was taking medications to make me feel numb and I lost a ton of weight from all the stress. I was unhealthy!
I will never forget I was driving from one job to the next, sleep deprived; I hit the person in front of me because I fell asleep at the wheel. That was my last straw.
How did my life come to this?
Something had to change. I needed to become in control again. I needed to do something that gave my life purpose.
This started with getting in control of my own body. I started working out, eating healthy, and being aware of what I put into my body.
One day I was looking for a new makeup line because my favorite one got discontinued. A girlfriend invited me to one of her Beauty Counter shows around the same time. Having no expectations but being a supportive friend I went and automatically fell in LOVE with the cosmetics.
When I found out the company has banned over 1,500 chemicals and the products are 100% natural I knew I needed to switch to this beauty line. I fell in love with the mission and everything they stood for.
But I wasn’t ready to jump on board as a consultant.
I recently quit my job to become nomadic and continue my career as a designer. My freelance business picked up and I was traveling full time all while up keeping my travel blog as well.
My life was finally starting to look like what I always envisioned it to be. FREE, HEALTHY and full of TRAVEL.
But I was still trading time for money. I was still missing a purpose.
I felt that if I died tomorrow I would have had all these amazing experiences, but no legacy. I needed more.
My best friend signed up to be a Beauty Counter consultant and quickly started accelerating at it. If she could do it, I can too. And how awesome would it be to work with your best friend?
With the daily assistance from mentors like my best friend who have been there and achieved SUCCESS, I have crafted new skills and abilities to take me where I want to be.
Putting beautiful, safe products into the hands of women like you and me. All while inspiring and helping millions of women to travel and live a healthier lifestyle.
I am truly grateful and now share my knowledge with other who want to take their lives to the next level.
If you’re reading this, that means YOU.
My story is one of many people who are living their dream lifestyle after being introduced to the right products and connected to the right people who showed them it is possible to live a healthy happy life.
Once you decide you are ready to take the best ride of your life, my team and I can give you all the tools you require, to get what you desire.
Imagine living your life by design. Where would you go? Who would you spend time with? What would you buy?
It is all truly possible.
Join my movement for #betterbeauty and lets bring non-toxic high performing products into the hands of everyone.

Send me a message and let’s discuss your dreams and goals.

xoxo #BetterBeauty by Ania Travels 💜

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