There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that dating sucks no matter where you are. But being a digital nomad where you move every 3-6 months can be even harder on the dating life. I’ve been single for over 2 years, nomadic for almost a year, and my dating life is practically nonexistent. You’re constantly moving, people don’t understand your lifestyle, you or they don’t want to get too attached to the thought that you might be somewhere else tomorrow. But how am I going to find my Mr. Right if I don’t put myself out there? So I do, and I did, and here are the 7 guys I’ve met while dating as a digital nomad.


The “I traveled everywhere and know everything” guy

I want to date someone that is well traveled. We would have common interests, most likely have visited the same places, chat about what we liked, what we didn’t, and hopefully, have a good laugh or two over some wine. But not with the “I traveled everywhere guy”. This guy has literally been everywhere, done everything, and anything you would suggest or recommend would never be good enough. He tries to one-up your every move and will try to convince you that the way you’re traveling is wrong.

The “I’m on vacation, let’s get drunk and have sex” guy

HAHAHAHHA this is the guy you meet out at a bar or on tinder that is only here for the weekend. He’s here with the boys for a bachelor party or guy’s weekend. He just wants to get drunk and have a good time; after all, he is on holiday.

The “I just don’t understand your lifestyle” guy

This is typical when dating in the non-nomad community. People just don’t understand how
1. I left my home country and everything there, and
2. How I can be on the move every 3-6 months.
They aren’t open to the idea of relocating anywhere for you (even though you’re open to the idea of staying at a place longer if the right person comes along). This guy also lives 45 minutes away from you and expects you to visit every time. He is just stuck in his own ways and there is no getting out.

The “I’m on a budget” guy

I get it! When I travel for a long period of time I have a budget too, and you should. But don’t ask me out on a date if you can’t afford to buy me a glass of wine. Not to say that I can’t pay for my own wine, but if it’s the first date and I expect the man to pay, guess I’m kind of old-fashioned like that.

The “big baller” guy

This guy is the most interesting man in the world, in the last 48 hours he’s been to four different countries, helped dress 2 celebrities, used to be an explosive expert for the US government and is carrying more cash than you’ll ever have in your bank account at once. He’s a smooth talker and you have to be careful of guys like this. I would think most of these were lies, but he has picture proof.

The “clingy” guy

I don’t like being the person that ghosts people, but if you get too annoying and too clingy you’re getting blocked and deleted. This guy takes you on one, two, three dates, and after date 3 falls in love. You have good chemistry, and he thinks you’re so amazing for being so well-traveled, but something is missing and you know it. Well, he also won’t stop calling, texting, messaging, or any form of communication he could find, to try to get a hold of you. Like dude, I would have given you a 4th date but let me breathe, I have a life I can’t be texting you all day.

The “asshole” guy

I mean there’s assholes everywhere in the dating world, doesn’t matter if you’re 100 meters or 1000 miles away from home, there will always be assholes out there. The guys that are just looking to hookup, the ones that won’t call back, and the ones that are plain RUDE.

The guy that won’t be there tomorrow.

And finally, the guy that won’t be there tomorrow. No matter how many guys I meet and how many dates I go on unless he lives my lifestyle or is open to potentially starting this lifestyle he'll always be the guy that won't be there tomorrow. Because dating sucks no matter where you are in the world. And I’m just looking for my Mr. Digital Nomad.

Feeling adventurous? Try one of these ideas for your next date.

Xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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Dating sucks no matter where you are in the world. Here are the 7 different kind of guys I've met while dating as a digital nomad. | Digital Nomad | Dating | Nomadic | Lifestyle Dating sucks no matter where you are in the world. Here are the 7 different kind of guys I've met while dating as a digital nomad. | Digital Nomad | Dating | Nomadic | Lifestyle

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  • Amazing read. You’ve got me thinking, which guy am I? Anyway that’s for me to know lol.

  • Good luck finding the right guy. I’m sure you will it just takes time 😉 enjoy your travels in the meantime

    • aniahalama

      Thank you I am 🙂 I’m not too worried, and hey all these bad dates make for good stories now haha

  • Melissa

    Hahaha! Fun read! I met many of those guys while traveling! Then I fell in love with the British polite guy! 😉

    • aniahalama

      Glad I’m not alone haha.

  • Have you been to Chiang Mai? There are so many other nomads here there’s bound to be some good guys. I live here but I don’t know from personal experience about the guys here as I brought my own with me 🙂

    • aniahalama

      Haha yes I have, I lived there for a few months. Couple of these guys actually came from there haha.

  • LC

    Haha so true. I met quite a few of these types whilst living as an expat as well. So many stories, but so much overall disappointment, haha. I find the “traveller” dudes are the worst!

  • Hahahaha! sad but so, so true! I think my worse was one time when I checked into a hostel in Amsterdam at around 2pm. A bunch of British guys were already drunk. One looked at me and said I”M GOING TO BE F****** YOU TONIGHT!. IT was rainy so pretty much everyone was inside and around and they just looked at me. Great into to the hostel… not. (PS: and no, it did NOT happen!)

    • aniahalama

      Hahha this is great. The drunk British men definitely make for the best stories later 😹

  • This gave me a good giggle! I’ve definitely met some of these kinds of guys before… Luckily my travels brought me to a really good one, as well! We’ve been together four years now 🙂

  • Hey! I think I’ve met the same guys you have! LOL These make for a great story! 🙂

  • Loved reading this!! it’s so true!!! I guess I’m pretty lucky that I found my guy before my travels and understands my new lifestyle. Good luck finding him but when you do he will be special!

    • aniahalama

      Thank you <3

  • Yes guy #1 is so annoying. #2…isnt that all of them. At this point I wouldn’t mind meeting baller guy. Lol. Thanks for giving me a laugh and making me realize I’m not the only one with these struggles!

  • What a cute post! I’m sure you’ll have many more interesting encounters in the future. But who knows… one of them may end up being Mr. Right!

  • OMG. I loved reading this. It’s so great; I feel this on a personal level! Haha. Guys suck but we’ll all find that special someone (hopefully, lol!).

    • aniahalama

      Keywords hopefully haha. Glad you enjoyed it

  • LOL! I love this. This is so true on so many levels. “I traveled everywhere and know everything” guy is the WORST!!

  • Nerissa

    Haha great read! I’m lucky enough to be in a relationship but I can imagine how hard it would be to date whilst travelling. And I’ve definitely come across a few of those guys in the past. The right one will find you!

  • Haha that’s HELL!!!! I’m so happy I don’t have to go through this anymore… But you go girl, you’ll find a good one!

  • Hahaha. I still have to go on a big trip to meet some of those.

  • Great post! When I was single, I definitely met at least one or two of these guys on my travels. Eventually, the right one will come along. In the meantime, enjoy that single time!

  • Ellie Cleary

    Great read and so true! I’d like to add one more type if i may? 😉 The guy who has to marry someone his parents choose :-D. Complicated? Never!!
    Happy travels and keep up the positivity and believing he’s out there!

    • aniahalama

      Oh I haven’t encountered that one yet but I’m sure he’s around the corner hahah. Thanks girl, happy traveling!

  • This made me chuckle! Pretty sure I’ve met most of these guys on my travels! It’s a tough world to navigate as a solo female traveller but it can also be very liberating and a lot of fun!

    • aniahalama

      It’s definitly been a lot of fun and liberating. I’m not complaining, I’ve loved every moment of my travels. Though sometimes I do wish to share some of those moments with someone special.

  • Hilarious and a great read. I’ve only recently started my travels and my friend has required that I attempt to ask for one guy’s phone number with each new location until I’m successful lol.

    • aniahalama

      Hahaha that’s a great mission. But with apps these days it wouldn’t be hard 😉

  • Hahahah I laughed so hard! 🙂 I love how you described them. And yup, I’ve met quite some types yet haha.

    • aniahalama

      Haha, Thanks girl!

  • Arghhh, I get your pain girl, I HATE dating. I wish I could go from single to married without having to go through all the drama and the disappointments of going to dates… It`s so tiring!
    I have a lot of friends who love it, love the thrill of it, to me, I just get nervous and then when I`m nervous I try to impress and I just end up screwing up… Sad, but true.
    But it`s not always my fault, though. I`ve met some of the types you described and ugh… WHY, WHYYYY???

    • aniahalama

      Haha, dating totally sucks. I don’t necessairly get nervous, I just hate the monotony of it. Like why am I telling my story again for the 10th time, why cant I just say it once and find someone already hahaha.

  • I think dating is such a weird thing. I would feel very stressed with the pressure of making a good impression and judge/being judged after 1 date. If a person can’t be my best friend, he can’t be my partner.

    • aniahalama

      Haha, dating is super weird. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks that.

  • Haha, great post, so true of life in general and this post could be written by a man or a woman (depending on who you speak to lol). The question is, will you find that right guy as a nomad?? It’s definitely possible, just keep on travelling until you find him I reckon and good luck 😀 #feetdotravel

    • aniahalama

      Haha hopefully I do because I’m not planning on settling down anytime soon lol. But I’ll keep on traveling till them and who knows maybe eventually I’ll have 7 more guys to add to this list lol

  • Amrita

    I laughed throughout the post .Loved the descriptions .Tell me fid you find the guy just right for you ?Do you have a list ?I did and it helped

    • aniahalama

      No I haven’t yet, I’m still searching.

  • haha, never thought about finding / dating a guy when traveling but looks like you had some fun time with it. 🙂 Maybe is all about not looking and just let it go. I mean love always come so unexpectedly, never when you are looking for it (well at least this are my experience). Good luck with Mr. Right!

    • aniahalama

      That’s what they say that love happens in the most unexpected time when you’re lest expecting it. Stay tuned if it does for me.

  • Love this! Great post and so true! Need to find the all in one traveler. It will happen but look out for the individual 7 types of guys 🙂 Mr. Right is around the corner 🙂 #feetdotravel

    • aniahalama

      Haha, I just need one good one lol. I’m sure he’s somewhere around the corner 😉

  • Great post and really useful as I now need to avoid being one of these guys! I will tone down my know-it-allness! Fun read!

    • aniahalama

      Haha thanks 🙂 I love getting guys perspectives on this.

  • Hahahaha Your article made us giggle! We have been in a couple for 12 years now and we love to travel together but your post reminded us the people we met before we were a couple! Wish that you will meet a good one soon! We absolutely love to travel as a couple and we hope that you will get to experience the same one day 😉 Thanks for sharing something different and funny 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thats amazing! I hope to find someone soon. Glad I can make you giggle 🙂

  • haha fun reading this – I have met some of these in my travels and everyday life (the “big baller” guy is my favourite lol) I travel with my husband now which is fun 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Lol he was fun, I hope to meet my special someone soon and travel with him 🙂

  • Stefanie Stiller

    This post made me laugh! There´s soooo much truth in that! I actually also met my husband while I was traveling and I was sure he was the lets get drunk and have sex guy 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      hahaha, I’m glad it worked out on your part though 🙂

  • Sierra Schomburg

    This post made me smile. I love these types of posts and even though I haven’t been trying to date and travel I felt like I could relate to it in some sort.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Some of them I’ve met while dating back home as well so I’m sure you can relate 🙂 glad it made you smile

  • So accurate! 😀 😀

  • Doris Neubauer

    Great one, but there’s one missing. The Change-maker who is open and flexible and inspiring. That’s the type I met (and now live nomadically with him). Its not the easiest type for sure, that’s why I wrote a post on How to date a change-maker: https://nomadocean.org/2017/11/how-to-date-a-change-maker/

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks girl, I’ll give it a read. Hopefully I’ll find one of those or another one that’ll stick around and I can travel with 🙂

  • Kumar Goundan

    Good one, Ania. My dating life is nonexistent but I’m satisfied with my life in general. My parents constantly push me to get married but I’m not interested. I enjoy singles cruises and reunions so much that not even marriage could be a happier life. You’ll feel it in your heart when Mr. Right comes along.