I’ve been a fan of Nordic cities ever since I went to Copenhagen a few months ago, after that I thought each city was better than the next. Stockholm was no exception. I fell in love with the city even before I arrived. It’s filled with warm people, beautiful scenery, history, and it’ll leave you having the Stockholm Fever. Here’s a list of the top 5 things to do in Stockholm + where to stay and eat to get the most out of your holiday.


Learn about Nordic history at Nordiska Museet

So I have to admit I went to this museum by accident. It is on the same island as the Vasa Museum and I didn’t pay attention to the name of the museum. However, I’m glad I went. When you first walk into the museum they have an awesome Northern Lights exhibit that stimulates the surrounding as if you were seeing the lights yourself. From there, there are three different levels of the museums. You can walk around and really learn about the Nordic history. They have in-depth exhibits about everything from holidays, rituals, clothing, knick knacks, toys and more. It was a great museum to really learn about the history of the Nordic culture.

The Nordic Museum

Dive into the past at the Vasa Museum

At the height of the empire, Sweden built a large warship, the Vasa to symbolize it’s power. It was so big and heavy that on the maiden voyage in 1628 it sank less than a mile out of dock. Today you can visit the museum that holds the humungous ship and learn about the voyage and how it sank. You will see the ship, cannons, human remains, original diving gear and more. It was so interesting to walk back in history and imagine what life would have been like on board.

The Vasa

Experience Stockholm from a different perspective

There is more to Stockholm than meets the eye. Stockholm Ghost Walk tells people what the travel guides miss out; the myths and legends. They tell people what the travel agencies try to cover up; the medieval murders, the diseases, shady secrets and of course, the ghosts! These are the things that history is made of. The tour is guided by a gentleman wearing a costume that looks like he stepped foot out of Sherlock Holmes, walks you through the old town starting at Gamla Stan at dusk (giving it a haunting vibe). Heading toward the Royal Palace we walk through hell and end in a ghost cellar where personal ghost stories were shared. I thought the tour was very entertaining and great for all ages. It was nice to hear about a city with an unusual twist to the story.

Ghost Walk

Get your jam on at the ABBA Museum

Hands down one of the best interactive museums I have ever been to. If you’re an ABBA fan (or even if you’re not) this museum is a must visit. There are many interactive exhibits where you can sing and dance along, mix your own ABBA songs, and record everything that you’re doing. The actual exhibits were brilliant too! I highly recommend getting the guided headphone tour because the actual band members are your guides. It was an amazing experience to learn about how ABBA came together, their story, where they recorded, to their first and last show from Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Benny and Bjorn themselves.

ABBA Museum letters

See the city from different angles with Vespa Stockholm

Vespa Stockholm is an amazing company that offers four different sightseeing tours by Vespa. This company is different than any other Vespa rental I’ve ever done. Their tours are designed by locals and take you to places you wouldn’t normally see on a different tour. The best thing about Vespa Stockholm is that they give you a GPS with the tours already programmed that take you from one location to the next. Read my full review on the tour here.

Where to eat:

Mahalo (Veggie Breakfast)

Great place for a delicious coffee or a quick healthy breakfast. They have a selection of different bowls and smoothies where you can make your own combinations with great choices of toppings and delicious flavors. The staff was very friendly and they offer an English menu. They also have a beautiful outdoor patio where you can enjoy a nice fika when weather permits.

Mahalo Restaurant

Nystekt Stromming (Lunch or Snack)

Probably the most famous street food in Sweden, this stall was amazing. Offering only herring and a variation of sides it’s a must for any seafood lover (or someone that wants to try delicious herring).

Nystekt Stromming

Chutney Bar (Vegan Dinner)

One of the best Indian inspired places I’ve been to. Offering only a handful of meals a day with a daily changing menu they are a must stop if you're in the hipster district of Stockholm. They also have a self-service bar that is included in your meal offering different salads, bread, chutneys, sauces, and water flavors. The restaurant itself is pretty big with wonderful décor and an outdoor patio, making you feel like you’re in a beautiful Indian home. The prices are extremely reasonable for Sweden and the food was delicious.

Aifur Pub & Bar

What better way to immerse yourself in the Nordic culture than going to a Viking Baar. I was there late in the evening and didn’t eat but from the menu, the food sounded great. This bar is so much fun! They have a variety of different meads and beers all at different strengths and play live Nordic music on the weekends. It’s a great way to experience some culture while enjoying a few cocktails.

Where to stay:

As you probably know or have heard Stockholm is not a cheap city, but there are ways of doing Stockholm in an inexpensive way. The Generator Hostel is the best option for any traveler. At about 75$ for a private and 18$ for a dorm, its perfect for any budget. Read my full review here.

Beautiful Room

Stockholm is an amazing city and I definitely have Stockholm Fever. It’s an amazing city with so many things to do and so much culture. I wish my trip didn’t end so quickly and I could spend more time there. Till next time Stockholm, you were wonderful.

Planning a trip to Stockholm? Look for flights here. Or look for other things to do here

Xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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I fell in love with Stockholm, Sweden. Here’s a list of the top 5 things to do in Stockholm + where to eat and stay to get the most out of your holiday. I fell in love with Stockholm, Sweden. Here’s a list of the top 5 things to do in Stockholm + where to eat and stay to get the most out of your holiday.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Stockholm Ghost Walk and ABBA Museum. All opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links which will earn me a few cents to contribute to the running of this site if you make a qualifying purchase at no extra cost to you.

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    Stockholm sounds wonderful, there is so much to see and do. The museum looks great to visit.

  • I loved the vasa museum when I went, it was so interesting. The ghost tour sounds like a lot of fun though, I wish I’d done that x

  • You surely sold Stockholm. I too have heard that this amazing city has lots to do and needs a week to properly explore. Thanks for the low down.

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    Oh my dear Stockholm! I guess that Gröna Lund was close when you were there because I was expecting to see it on the list!😂 Another thing that is fun to do is the rooftop walk in the inner city of Stockholm. Basically you will be walking on the roof on buildings. This is just only a few things. But ofcourse, you will have to come back!❤️😘

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    I’ve never been to Sweden. Your Stockholm‘s photos are absolutely stunning ! It looks like a pretty, scenic and historic city to explore… As I am a history geek, I would probably devour the many museums, historic buildings, and myths & legends… Stockholm is definitively on my bucket list now 🙂

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  • Hi Ania,

    The Ghost Walk sounds so intriguing to me. Love stuff like that.

    I do enjoy the more straight-laced, sanitized messages shared by the common tour guide. All well and good. But the real fun begins on tours like these, with the colorful tales, some myth, some real, and some in between.

    No doubt on the ghosts though; this is simply a different dimension that few folks tune into on a regular basis. And you betcha there would be more ghost tours in major cities around the world if more cultures were open to such a thing.

    Thanks for the cool share Ania.


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    I didn’t know there was an Abba Museum! I need to go!

  • I went to Stockholm last winter, and it’s interesting to see that we didn’t do anything the same except eat at Nystekt Stromming! haha. Even the one museum I went to is different. If you ever go back, definitely check out Fotografiska for some awesome photography and great views on the top level! I love Stockholm as well, even if we didn’t’ see the same sites 🙂

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