Safety and performance aren’t usually a package deal in the world of shampoos, conditioners, and styling treatments. So-called “natural” formulas often aren’t potent enough for many hair types, and the hair products that do deliver results tend to contain some pretty questionable ingredients.

Need proof? We’ve rounded up a few surprising facts about hair care—all of which we took into consideration while developing our groundbreaking new collection of safer solutions for your scalp and strands. Once you’re in the know, you’ll never look at your lather-rinse-repeat routine the same way again.



1. Your Scalp Is Really Absorbent.

Just as your face drinks up the (hopefully safe!) actives in your serums and moisturizers, so too does your scalp soak in many of the ingredients it encounters. Yes, even the harmful ones.

That’s why our new line at beautycounter is filled with next-generation botanical extracts that promote all aspects of hair and skin health—and free of harmful sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances. Think of them as a green juice for your mane.

2. Traditional Shampoos Could Be Drying Out Your Hair.

Lush shampoo lather may feel totally luxurious, but in most cases, it’s having the opposite effect on your tresses. That’s because it’s often the product of harmful chemicals like SLS, SLES, and ALS—sulfates that are known to strip your hair of its natural oils and cause irritation.

Our newest shampoos, however, are different. Each one—Volume & ShapeSmooth & Control, and Repair & Nourish—incorporates Beautycounter’s proprietary PureFoam Cleansing Technology. Derived from sugars, this innovation creates loads of lather minus the harsh additives mentioned above. Our research shows these formulas to be less irritating to the scalp than both natural and traditional shampoos, and they’re sure to leave your hair feeling fresh and clean. (Unlike lots of other “gentle,” non-foaming products.)

3. Many Conditioners Stick Around Longer Than You Want Them To.

Many times, when a conditioner makes your hair super shiny and smooth, it’s the work of silicones. Once these molecules are on your hair, they don’t want to let go—in fact, it takes 10 washes to get rid of them after just one application. (And if you condition your hair three times a week, every week? We’ll let you do the math.) They’re easy to spot because they often end in “–cone”—like dimethicone or cyclomethicone—although other common names include dimethiconol and cyclopentasiloxane.

Our new conditioners are just as effective as the conventional ones thanks to a revolutionary Blue Agave complex. It’s found in every product in our targeted hair care line and promotes thickness, elasticity, and softness—all while protecting your hair from environmental stressors and stimulating circulation to the scalp. (Hello, hair growth!)  

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 We’ve rounded up a few facts about hair care—which we took into consideration while developing our new collection of safer solutions for your hair. We’ve rounded up a few facts about hair care—which we took into consideration while developing our new collection of safer solutions for your hair.
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  • Jeenu Pillai

    This is really a good to know information. I don’t really use hair products well majorly because I am bald (sighs!). But I do know a lot of people around me who use hair products. I am definitely going to share this info with them.

  • Star Harford

    I had never thought about my hair products like that. I definitely didnt realise what im putting on my hair might be absorbed into my scalp, there are so many chemicals in shampoo too!

  • Rightly said. The scalp, much like the skin elsewhere in the body, absorbs whats on it. thats how most topical products and medicines work. So be careful what you splash over there!

  • Jhilmil Mommyinme

    Very apt, scalp absorbs the products and in turn impact our hair growth and quality. These days I have been using Biotin shampoo and some essential oils for my scalp to get some nutrition back:)

  • Helen Clark

    I think its great that more people are becoming aware of what they put on their hair as well as on their skin. I’ve recently switched to a brand with no nasty ingredients in, it was strange at first as it feels so different to “regular” shampoo and conditioner but my hair is so much healthier for it now.

  • I’m guessing a lot of people don’t even think about hair products entering our bodies via our scalps! But it makes sense and presents a great reason for knowing what the ingredients are in hair products. Just as we should be “label readers” and know what’s in our food, we should also pay attention to the ingredients in products we use on our bodies.

  • The Blonde Diary Channel

    I have never though about looking at the ingredients on the hair products I use. I can’t believe conditioner can be bad for you. Thank you for sharing!