I once went to a fortune teller that told me that my 26th year will be my best year yet. Not only was it my golden year it was indeed my best year with lots of things to do. I rang in that birthday with an entire week of celebrations; I even wanted to skip my actual birthday dinner because I was birthdayed out. Throughout the year I had highs and lows but it was worth every second.

Here is a snapshot of my 26th year: I visited 1 new continent 15 new countries and lived in 3 new countries, I quit my day job where I was miserable, went down a 30-foot water slide linked arms with 5 other people, I ate a scorpion, and got food poisoning 4 times (not from said scorpion). I’ve also checked off some incredible bucket list items that I’ve had forever. These include hugging, feeding and bathing an elephant, throwing shoes over a telephone wire, celebrating Chinese New Year in a Chinese country, walking into North Korea (I only went to the DMZ), going to Feria de Abril in Seville and watching the sunset on a pagoda in Myanmar.

Now that my birthday is in just a few days I thought it would be appropriate to create a list of 27 bucket list items for my 27th birthday and have all my top things to do in one place.


1. Create a travel Youtube channel

I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time; it’s the next step forward for my travel blog. I think it’ll be a great way to document my travels for my followers and myself.

Created November 2017. Public January 2018

2. Visit 2 new continents

I visited one new continent in my 26th year, let's hit 2 new ones for my 27th year. South America and Australia are on my list for this year, this will leave me with only Antarctica by age 30. 

3. Reach my country count to 50

I’m currently at 36 countries and want to reach up to 50 by the end of my 27th I did 15 counties in my 26th year I can definitely do 14 in my 27th.

37. Lviv, Ukraine: August 4-6th
38. Oslo, Norway: August 26-29th
39. Stockholm, Sweden: September 1-4th
40. Zurich, Switzerland September 22-24th
41. Panama November 2017


4. Trek Machu Pichu

I’ve wanted to do this for a really long time. I’m planning on finally stepping foot into South America later this year so this one is definitely on my list while there.

5. Tour Patagonia

Again, I’ll be in South America so this is a must do high up on my bucket list.


6. Get scuba certified

I’ve been scuba diving a few times but never got certified and regret it. I even lived in Thailand for a few months where their PADI certifications are super cheap. So this is officially on my bucket list.

Done November 2017


7. Go to Carnival in Rio

AHHHH!!! This has been on my bucket list for years. I almost went a few years back but my plans fell through. I want to experience the real craziness of Carnival in Brazil.

8. Become fluent in Spanish

Well at least improve it A LOT. My current Spanish is so-so… I can get by, but I can’ t have an intelligent conversation in Spanish. I really want to improve it this year.

9. Publish an e-book

Something travel related. Not sure about what yet but it’s something I want to push myself to do. Especially since I always hated writing, this would be a great goal.


10. Do 3 whole 30 challenges

And actually, succeed in them. I want to do one every 4 months. This might be hard depending on where I’m living since fruits and veggies are sometimes hard to come by. But I want to get back into the habit of eating better.

Attempt 1. August 1-31 Done
Attempt 2: November 1-30 Done

11. Take part in La Tomatina

I did a small tomato fight back home at Soldier Field and this sounds like a way bigger and better version.

12. Be nominated and receive a blogger award

I’m still fairly new to blogging but I’ve been working my butt off and hard work is already paying off. I’m determined to win a blogger award this year.

Sunshine Blogger Award: Done

13. Acquire a new skill

Not sure if it’s jewelry making, playing an instrument or how to repair something but I want to pickup a new skill.


14. Go to a nude beach

Yep, I’ve never been to one.

15. Volunteer more

I try to volunteer at least once a year, but they’re always short day long volunteer programs, I want to do a longer program this year.


16. Take a girls trip

I miss my girlfriends! I haven’t been on a girls trip in almost 2 years and I need some girl time. #gltlove

17. Finish my sleeve

I’ve been sitting on my sleeve tattoo for a while. I finally have everything that I want drawn out I just need to find an artist. I want to finally finish it this year.

18. Slow down (at least a bit)

I thought that becoming nomadic would slow me down a bit but that was not the case. I’m still in constant movement and constantly working. I need to slow down a little and enjoy what is around me.

19. Go on a cruise

I went on a cruise a couple years ago and loved everything about it. I want to go on another one this year.

NYE Cruise 2017/2018: Done


20. Photograph 27 sunsets

Sunsets are amazing to photograph. I want to make a point to photograph 27 different sunsets this year.

21. Do something that scares me

Not much scares me these days so I’m not sure what it would be but I want that thrill of doing something scary and conquering it.

22. Attend real Oktoberfest

Who wouldn’t want to experience real Oktoberfest?


23. Wine tasting at a French vineyard

I’ve been wanting to go to Bordeaux for a long time now and this will be the year I actually do it.

24. Read at least 3 New Yorks top sellers

I really need to make a point to read more books. It’s been a personal goal of mine for a long time but time always gets in the way.

25. Skinny dipping in the ocean

Because skinny dipping in a pool isn't rebelious enough for me LOL. Maybe I can do this while I’m at the nude beach haha.


26. Visit back home

It’s been almost a year since I become nomadic and I miss my family and friends. I want to visit Chicago at least once during my 27th year.

October 2017: Done

27. Fall in love

Not necessarily with a person (though that would be nice too), but love in general. A place, a new taste, an animal, something, I miss that feeling of being in love.

That’s my 27th-year bucket list. Most of these are achievable, some more than others, but I will go back and slowly mark them off once completed. But till then, wish me luck.

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Xoxo Ania Travels 💜

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Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, they are all items that I really hope to achieve in my 27th year. This post contains some affiliate links which will earn me a few cents to contribute to the running of this site if you make a qualifying purchase at no extra cost to you.

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  • Such a good and inspiring list!! I know turning 26 this year in three months. Wish I had a list like this xx

    • Ania Ewelina

      You should definitly make one 🙂

  • Laura Barton

    This is such a good idea !! Mind if I give it a go? My favourite one by far is take 27 different photos of the sunset. What a nice idea. I’m a bit of a sunset chaser.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you, I hope I get to do all of them.

  • Hang Around The World

    These are 27 reasons to love your blog post 🙂
    For me the best three are:
    Go to Carnival in Rio – I love Brazil so much
    Volunteer more – Good actions give you satisfaction
    Visit 2 new continents – I’m always on the road

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you, I hope I can do all of them 🙂

  • I love your list! I also would LOVE to go on a cruise someday. I do love to read, so I know I could do the bestsellers one! Skinny dipping? Well, I would at night!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Oh that would be an easy one for you 🙂 Thanks girl.

  • Solid list. I want to attend a carnival celebration during the year I turn 30 because my actual birthday will fall upon Easter. I think the sunset idea is dope as well.

    • Ania Ewelina

      That would be SOOOOOO fun!

  • Casey

    This is a cool post! It makes me want to write one too. And your 26th year sounds awesome and eventful. I can’t believe I still haven’t gone to the DMZ! Best of luck this year~

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really was. Thank you

  • I love how diverse your bucket list is. I love the sound of a carnival in Rio and I hope that you launch your Youtube travel channel soon! x x

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much Ana 🙂

  • Mae Brian

    I do have a bucket list and it’s great to be able to check off some things from the list. Travel is a big part of it, but a lot more involves creating memories with the little one while she’s young.

    Mae | http://www.thegospelofbeauty.org

    • Ania Ewelina

      Totally agree 🙂

  • Kim Gammage

    What a great list! I love how varied the things you want to do are, there are so many things on here that I’d also love to tick off my own list! Fingers crossed you get them all ticked off – sounds like it’s going to be an awesome year!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you I hope I get to do all of them, at least most of them 🙂

  • Ma CharmaineNess H. Nioda

    Good luck on your list. I’m kind of wishing you the best on achieving it. Though I also love to go to Machu Pichu and do some voluntary work as well. Better have my own list as well. 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Start it girl, never too late 🙂

  • Wow that is an incredible list and I am envious of your travelling although I don’t think I could be a nomad like you. Good luck achieving everything x

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you I hope so too.

  • BestiesNotepad

    What an awesome list!
    I wish you get to fulfil it all and will love to see it all through the youtube channel 😉

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you.

  • Stefanie Stiller

    That´s such an amazing list! I´m 30 and i haven’t done almost anything of that 🙁

    • Ania Ewelina

      I hope you get to sometime 🙂

  • Ryan Sneltzer

    At 37 countries? Damn, I am so far behind it isn’t even funny!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Gotta start catching up lol 😛

  • Elizabeth Colette

    I think this is a great list, and I’m sure you will do it all!

  • WOW, this is an intense list of things to do in one year! Girl you are making me feel like I’m not taking life seriously enough. Life goals right now, don’t be broke haha. Happy birthday and I am loving your dedication to push yourself and have an amazing year! Can’t wait to read about it.

    • Ania Ewelina

      hahaaha, let’s be real, I’m going to be broke after doing all of these things haha.

  • That’s a lot of things! If you manage to check them all off, good for you! I usually try to just set 1-2 bucket list type things a year to make sure they’re really achieveable!

    • Ania Ewelina

      HAHA, I’m a very ambitious person lol. Thank you.

  • Claire Lee

    I love this list! So cute and you can make this happen! Good luck 🙂 http://www.clairebearblogs.com

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you girl.

  • Myisha Quinn

    Your 26th Birthday sounds like it was amazing. Your 27th will be awesome I love your list.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you.

  • Wow, what a great list! You did so much in your 26th year that Im sure you’ll be checking off this list in no time. Aloha!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks girl 🙂

  • Chelf Chelfdom

    Brilliant goals! A girls trip sounds awesome and I would really love to try that at least once in my life! Maybe take me with ya? 😉

    • Ania Ewelina

      Sure!!! Pack your bags and let’s go!

  • Made Adayasa

    Great list to achieve . Added to visit my island on your bucket list to hehe . Visit Bali island

    • Ania Ewelina

      Bali is edefinitly on my list. I spent 7 months in SEA and just never made it out. Sure hope to soon.

  • Teresa Gomez

    What a fabulous list! I just love your ambition, and you have inspired me to create one for myself for my birthday next month. I’m going to start thinking now! 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much 🙂

  • Elena Stevkovska

    Awesome list and I hope you will accomplish all the things on it.

  • Anamika Ojha

    What an incredible list! You go gal! May you achieve everything on your bucket list!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you, I hope so too.

  • This is such an inspiring list! I would absolutely love to do every single one of these things (take me with you!). I truly do hope that you get the chance to experience all of these. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    • Ania Ewelina

      Yes pack your bags and join my adventure 🙂

  • Adrianna Vogel

    Your bucket list seems amazing! I wish you happy birthday and good luck with all your plans! Machu Picchu and Carnaval in Rio are on my list as well, not sure if I can do it while am 27 now but hopefully soon! Oktoberfest is amazing! if you need any tips for it let me know, I used to live in Berlin so I visited Octoberfest 4 years in a row 😀 Sto Lat ! 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks girl, will ask you if I need tips. Thank you so much too!

  • Wow what a fantastic list of wishes you have already made for your 27 birthday. I also make one for my coming birthday too. Hope you fulfill all your wishes. Best of luck

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much.

  • I love your list! It feels inspirational and hopeful! And also contains a few things that I completed in MY 27th year (like Patagonia and carnival!) Good luck this year!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Ahhh that’s exciting. Perfect year to do it then!

  • Jan Michael de Guzman

    Great bucket list and kinda inspiring. I wanna do the same bucketlist as well

    • Ania Ewelina

      You totally should.

  • Céline CLudik

    Such an awesome list for your 27th birthday ! Maybe I could help with the number 12 on your list as I’m still looking for some candidates to nominate to receive the sunhine blogger award ! Are you ready for this ? If yes, just send me a PM on Facebook.

  • Travel And Bite

    This is an awesome bucket list and there are couple of things here that I am yet to experience; for example, I have never been to Brazil and would love to attend the carnival in Rio one day 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      yes it’s an ambitious one but I want to do it all.

  • I love your bucket list .2 continents this year sounds stupendous .Best wishes for your travel channel too.

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really does, thank you.

  • Its a great idea to start a YouTube channel – it’s the most fun i’ve had in years!
    What a great bucket list – do it all while you’re young and fancy free!
    Very inspiring – thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks so much, I do hope to make one.

  • Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

    Wow..Loved your list and want to do so many things too. I love traveling too and I can see how excited you are about everything. All the best. 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much.

  • Megan Ogden

    Sounds like an adventure! Ive been thinking about starting YouTube as well, lets do it!

    • Ania Ewelina

      We should!!!

  • you know, I hit 25 this year and I was looking for something unique for my bucket list. I think I will use you as my inspiration and photograph 25 sunsets for me! Thank you for sharing, I loved your blog!!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Awww thank you, hope you have a lovely 25th year.

  • John Ezell

    That is a great list! Machu Pichu, Oktoberfest, nude beaches…you are in for quite a year!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Sure am, wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Valerie Robinson

    Your bucket list is so entertaining! Love it! Makes me want to create one of my own!

    • Ania Ewelina

      You totally should, they’re fun.

  • Liza Perry

    I love that list! I need to do mine! I hope you’ll reach goal 27 😉

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you.

  • that’s such an amazing bucket list for this year ahead! I love the one about visiting 2 new continents! Hope 27 is the year you reach those goals!

    • Ania Ewelina

      I sure hope so. Thank you.

  • Kevin Supono

    I do have a bucket list and it’s great to be able to check off some things from the list

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really is. Even if it’s a mental one. They’re fun and keep us pushing.

  • yukti agrawal

    Amazing bucket list and hopefully you fulfill all of them. Keep posting your reviews when you complete one by one and we are waiting for your posts on Macha pichau, Tomatino festival and all those sunsets captures.

    • Ania Ewelina

      I sure hope so too. Thank you so much 🙂

  • This is a perfect list! There can be no more than this list. I wish you fulfill all your wishes and dreams.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much.

  • The Italian Chica

    wow you’re so ambitious! so many beautiful things to do! you inspired me to create my bucket list for my next birthday 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you

  • Nude beach is a good one. I want to do that one too. If you were closer we can knock that out together. ~http://viabella-thebeautifullife.blogspot.com

    • Ania Ewelina

      We need to plan a blogger trip and go to one! lol

  • Michael

    I definitely recommend getting certified! With the cert, you can dive anywhere around the world! And if you get advanced, you can go down to 120 feet!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Yes, I thought about it last time I went diving, but I didn’t have enough time for the course.

  • You truly are one ambitious soul! Getting certified & falling in love sound like an interesting addition. Best wishes.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much.

  • Cătălina-Iuliana Nini

    Love the idea of photographing 27 sunsets ♥. I hope you will find the time to open your Youtube travel channel, you have courage already.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you 🙂

  • I love your list, it’s super inspiring and totally aspirational. Also, you’ve done so much during your 26th year!! Ate a scorpion, bathed with elephants, 15 different countries? *swoon*

    • Ania Ewelina

      Yep, I did do a lot, and hope to keep doing as much every year 🙂

  • Christina

    I love everything about this!!!! We went to Oktoberfest in Munich and had an amazing time!!! You will love it! Good luck on your bucket list!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you 🙂

  • Le Coin de Mel

    Wow, your list is an ambitious one. What you want to do in a year, most people would have on their list of a lifetime! I love your energy, your enthusiasm.

    • Ania Ewelina

      It totally is lol, but I hope to do it all. Tank you.

  • Olgi

    Delete : Rio Carnaval
    Add: Oruro Carnal in
    The Oruro carnaval is world famous carnaval and protected by UNESCO. Dance schools members wear interesting costumes and perfom their shows on the streets. I think this carnaval is worth to see! Also you should definitely creat a YouTube channel for vblogs.

    • Ania Ewelina

      OK now that sounds COOL, never heard of Oruro. But now it’s on my list.

  • Your bucket list looks amazing! I hope you accomplish many of these goals. An Ebook would be fun to read. I look forward to reading about your progress as you start checking things off your bucket list.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you, I hope I get to do all of them too.

  • JoAnnah Thompson

    Very nice goals. Your bucket list looks like so much fun as well. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you

  • That’s a great list, I should actually start doing something similar myself! Many of the things you’ve mentioned would be in mine as well. I’m hoping to make it to Machu Picchu next year, and would love to do a cruise around the islands of the Caribbean!
    Hopefully we’ll be able to read about all these experiences soon on your blog 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Maybe we can trekk it together 🙂

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    Wow. What a list and I can’t believe you’ve done/seen so much in your young life. This list could only be a dream for me. I would be happy to see 10 countries before I die! Well, I wish you all the best and I know I will be reading more about your travels.

    • Ania Ewelina

      I do hope you get to 10. The world is a beautiful place.

  • Prateek Goel

    Awesome simply awesome!! Your bucket list is so inspiring and a lot to learn from it. Looks like you enjoy everything about our travel and blog. Good luck for your 50 country reach!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you 🙂

  • Very inspriring bucket list! That’s a lot to achieve in one year, but I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun whilst doing it!

    • Ania Ewelina

      It really and I’m hoping to get the most. We’ll see.

  • An interesting list, love the fact that it’s not just travel but also personal goals like learning something new 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you

  • travellingslacker

    Great plans. Hope you succeed in completing them. Good to see that you also intend to acquire a new skill. This is something I have been planning for years but never materialized. need to buck up.

    • Ania Ewelina

      I know, not quite sure what I want to do yet but I sure want to.

  • Margarette Puno

    Wow. Your bucket list are simply awesome. Incredible things done for your 26th birthday. Wish you do these 27 list greatly. Have a blastful one. Enjoy your upcoming birthday.

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thank you so much

  • Young And Undecided

    I love this post! Such a cool idea. You have inspired me to make the most of my life. Thank you so much for sharing and good luck with your bucket list!

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks girl 🙂

  • I love that idea of a travel channel on YouTube Ania. Go for it. I toss blogging tips videos on YT along with a few of my travel videos too. Nice little mix, as the channel grows slowly and steadily. All about patient gains. Keep on celebrating 🙂

    • Ania Ewelina

      Thanks, I do think it’s a fun idea but have always hated my voice lol, guess this year is all about conquering fears 😉

  • Wonderful list, you’ve seen a lot for your age, great job! Good luck in completing your list and have fun for your next trips, I see you’ll be in Scandinavia soon too – awesome!

  • Your list has totally made my morning. You have achieved so much and you still have so much amazing things todo! Here is to your 27th year and living it to the fullest. X

  • I now want to make my list for my next year though I have some years on you… so it’s going to be a little bit longer. I say you add visit DC as one of them– then we can meet up!
    ~ https://viabella-thebeautifullife.blogspot.com/